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Oh yeah, I can see Gwar doing a really superb live show.   Out of respect for the next artist's litigious tendencies towards youtube videos, I will not be posting any audio/visual material.   In t

Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread  Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread  Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread  Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread   Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread    Terri

Now I have Nickelback stuck in my head...  

I've just had to deal with my roommate's filthy deadbeat father.  I am eyeballing my math midterm, and I'm not sure which way is positive and which is negative, but I keep passing the tests.  I aced my philosophy class' first test without having read the textbook.  Russia is cleaning up US foreign policy mistakes with precision bombing in Syria with their de-facto ally Iran which is the US' de-facto ally in Iraq.


Nothing makes any sense any more.  Nothing.


That means it's time for The Kinks.


The Kinks are what you listen to when you aren't sure what is any what is not.  Are they underrated, overshadowed by the Stones and the Beatles, or are they simply a niche confection for people who think that praising the big two British Invasion bands is too unoriginal?  Are they subversive, or completely parallel to the zeitgeist?  Is black really the new up?  Is anything nothing?  What can we know?

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The album has a lot of variety, so it's worth listening all the way through.

I dunno, though, I am not very sensitive to screaming anymore. I won't say I "like" screaming, though - with one notable exception:




Something about the way Nergal does it. He can manage to growl/scream while still sounding like he's actually singing.

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Last year I had a dream of staring out at the baking cityscape from the shelter of a multi-level parking lot. In the sky two clouds, formed into the shape of animals, writhed and fought as the warm, dusty wind howled through the concrete pillars. And I knew, in the logic that comes with dreams, that it would never rain until one animal had killed the other.


Now that that future is here, I present Shadowclub's only halfway decent song:




Ignore the dumb music video and play this thing in the background as the world goes to hell. Better yet, play Deur die Donker Vallei by Valiant Swart, for which no music video exists at all.

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    • By steppewolfRO
      I start this thread about music of Romania. Not sure if belongs here as will be more about older music than recent one but if it is more appropriate in the history section please move it there.
      Without further ado, I'll start with a classic folk-rock album of Romanian rock band Phoenix - Muguri de fluier (Flute buds) - 1974. After they run away from Romania they named themselves Transylvania Phoenix despite the fact that the band originated in Banat region. Obviously they were banned by Communist censorship but after 1989 their music exploded, especially in university environment. 
      Muguri de fluier album was perhaps the most played of all their creations due to its peculiar sound inspired from folklore ranging from Southern Balkans to gypsy music or Central European music. It is considered to be the best of their albums. 
      LE: about full album, only managed to link it this way: "Phoenix - Mugur De Fluier (1974) [HQ]"
      Few words about each song.
      Lasa, Lasa! (Leave it, Leave it!) it is just an interlude between songs that appeared on The Immortals soundtrack (1974)
      Pavel Chinezu, leat 1479   - about a local hero, guitar solo a bit a la Rory Gallagher 
      Strunga (The Gorge) - also for the soundtrack of Immortals movie. 
      Andrii Popa (name of a famous Hajduk) - song about an Hajduk known to free people enslaved by Ottomans. 
      Mica Tiganiada (Small Gypsiliad)  - dulcimer, bongos, violins, a very complex music inspired from gypsy folklore well sustained by rock instruments
      Ochii negri, Ochi de tigan (Black eyes, gypsy eyes)- an archaic sound which was initially considered to develop a rock opera based on it. 
      Muzica si muzichia  (Music and diminutive for music which is a slang word that I have no idea how to translate it, sing-song maybe or musicy as spending an Y is often taken as a diminutive)  - this song conserve the best the character of the music from Banat, the home region of this band with alternative measures and broken rhythm that reminds peasants' fairs music with oriental and Balkanic influences
      Mugur de fluier (Flute buds) - with Romanian  shepherd flute integrated between rock instruments, gives the name of the album; some say it's inspired from Christmas Song of Jethro Tull from Living in the past 
      Anule, hanule (Oh year, oh inn) - last two songs anticipate more their future songs, closer to hard-rock 
      Dansul Codrilor (Dance of woods)
      Songs from this album featured on the soundtrack of Nemuritorii (Immortals) movie. You can watch it here if you like with English subs. 

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