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Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread


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And I'm not kidding about black musical acts appropriating racially insensitive cultural stereotypes.


Here's Sir Mix-a-lot throwing down another tom-tom drum, tomahawk beat.



Also Mix has a predilection for pre-ban HK-91s.


@2:15 mark.


Bought you a nine but you still looked scared
AK-47? nope
I run a HK-91 with the Leopold scope
So eat that 308, fool


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Alright, let's give this a try:


This is my playlist "Druggy drugs."  If you're desperate enough to come to me for playlist recommendations... well, this is probably brimming with things you haven't heard before.  If you have heard them all before, you are a filthy degenerate.


Suggestions and critiques are, of course, welcome.



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On 5/27/2017 at 10:46 AM, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

You don't get Rap? 




Get out.


Well, I am not going to claim I "get" rap. But I specifically don't get Rap God as a song. Instead of talking about it, I'll just direct you to compare and contrast:




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Crack Magazine, (which is not the same thing as Cracked), has this excellent summary of the history of Satanic motifs in music.  It's a good little piece, but it skips two things I would have mentioned.  The first is the story of Nicolò Paganini, who in his time had a sort of proto-Robert-Johnson myth surrounding him, and less forgivably, occult-themed hard rock acts like Coven.


Coven is the missing link between Sympathy for the Devil and Black Sabbath.  In fact, they had a song called "Black Sabbath," as well as a bassist named Greg "Oz" Ozbourne (Which is not the same thing as Ozzy Osbourne).



Musically, they're typical of psychodelic California bands of the time.  If Led Zeppelin, with its heavy guitar blues songs about vikings, is proto-metal, then Coven is proto-proto-metal.  But their album art was pure fucking metal:



Incidentally, Coven is credited with introducing the sign of the horns to rock music, which is quite a brag.  


In a similar vein, but of more recent vintage is The Devil's Blood, from the Netherlands:


Sadly, they appear to have disbanded after a brief, but brilliant career.

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