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By contributing, you mean they will make suggestons that will be ignored and any stats they give will be castrated for the undeadble M1a2 crowd, and castrated twice for the Britbong lobby 


and it will still be called OP

Ummm, I take your point on the M1A2 lobby, but what is the 'Britbong' crowd?



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Screenshots from video.


Gunner sight is open, one APS launcher is not loaded.



Hatches are very thick.




Armata engine with robotic gearbox (8 speeds both forward and reverse).






T-14 in production, rollers assembly in process.




Hull side armor shape is visible. 


That journalist is annoying. Place for autoloader and turret ring. Note that turret ring at sides shows thick hull side armor.






So romantic!



Frontal hull camera is open.




Ilya Demchenko, Deputy Chief Designer. Young guy. 


Not long time ago we had problem with young people in military organisations/companies.


Plenty of space for driver to look around from his hatch. Gun and mantlet are pretty high, giving enough space for driver head and even more.


Also, roof and other upper parts are covered in some sort of non-slippery paint.





T-15-class land battleship. And journalist.



APU help to launch engine on that battleship.



WOW. A telephone to speak with crew! 100% new Russian invention.



Seems to me T-14 also have this HIGH-TECH device.



T-14 and T-15 at test drive.


Sorry to break this - and I realise you may have been being ironic, but Centurion had an "infantry-tank telephone in the 1950s.


What goes around, comes around - and it was a great idea when it was working.  Centurion's big problem was digital ideas on valve technology.



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Ummm, I take your point on the M1A2 lobby, but what is the 'Britbong' crowd?




Bill, if Tied says something that doesn't particularly make sense, don't sweat it.  None of us do.  Indeed, it is when Tied says something that is unusually sensible that I feel the cold prickles of fear.

Do we have any better pictures of the engine?  I'm very curious if it's an X config.

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Bill, if Tied says something that doesn't particularly make sense, don't sweat it.  None of us do.  Indeed, it is when Tied says something that is unusually sensible that I feel the cold prickles of fear.

Do we have any better pictures of the engine?  I'm very curious if it's an X config.

IIRC this thread should have several screenshots with Armata and Kurganets engines.

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Yes, and several larger than the one above, but I could not make out the cylinder configuration with certainty.


An X-configured, water-cooled diesel is in my opinion very clever.

We know that Russian tanks save a lot of space in the hull by turning the engine sideways:




But we also know that Armata is rather heavy compared to previous Russian tanks, so it needs a more powerful engine to maintain decent mobility.

After a certain point you can only make a piston engine more powerful by adding more cylinders.  But if you add more cylinders to a "V" engine, you make it longer.  You can't make the engine longer and have it still fit sideways because all modern tanks are about as wide as they possibly can be.  If you check the pictures from the Victory Day parade of the T-14 and T-90 passing the same point, you can see that they are approximately the same width.  Tank hulls cannot be made any wider than they are already because tanks need to fit on trains, and they are already at the limit of the width of cargo that a train can carry.


So, how do you keep a transversely-mounted engine in a tank with decent power?  Well, you could go to a type of engine that has better power output for its size.  This is what Kharkov and Leningrad did with the two-stroke opposed diesel and a turbine respectively.  But these have problems; the two-stroke engines were hard to make and didn't work well and the turbine is fuel-hungry and expensive.  Worse, they were both made in Ukraine so import to Russia is not possible for the foreseeable future.


An X-configured diesel basically solves all these problems.  It's like two "V" engines put together and sharing a common crankshaft.  You get more cylinders, but the engine does not get so long it can't fit sideways in the tank anymore, and you don't have to resort to exotic tank engines that may or may not work.


LoooSeR was there for this conversation before, this is for the benefit of others who were not.

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Possible layout of Armata-based assault gun (Object 299/Object195-isnpired, on T-15 chassis) pic by Paralay




APFSDS ammo for an Assault gun? 


Assault guns aren't really the law of the land they used to be either

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          Object 292, as you see at photos, had a new turret. This turret could have been mounted on existing T-80 hulls without modifications to hull (Object 292 is just usual serial production T-80U with new turret, literally). New Mechanical autoloading mechanism was to be build for it. Turret had special Abrams-like bustle for ammunition, similar feature you can see on Ukrainian T-84-120 Yatagan MBT and, AFAIK, Oplot-BM.
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      this is my first post. Please no bully. :3
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      Field trials were held in 1990 and subsequently it was concluded to be a viable concept in 1992. The project was however canceled, because the downfall of the Soviet Union meant, that a new battle tank was no longer needed. Furthermore Israel stealing submarines and reunification meant that the budget was not sufficient either.
      Neue Gepanzerte Plattform
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      Diehl developed an APS for this tank: AWiSS

      Hull length = 8,67m
      Full width = 3,98m
      Width between the tracks = 3,5m
      Height = 2,71m
      The intended combat weight for the complete tank was between 55t and 77t.
      Can anyone calculate the the cross section areas and the protection levels for the front and the side, assuming mid-90s filler materials were used?
      Thanks for your attention!
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      i personally support it, by finding the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky greatly improved state scurrility both inside the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and abroad (their jurisdiction was only domestic, but they kept the internationally influential people safe at night)   a dedicated defender of both the Revolution and all the Soviet peoples     what do you think of this news?
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