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Basically what this whole thing means is that Emperor Palputin will conquer Galaxy with Space Marines and T-72s. T-72B3s to be precise.   I posted this on other Capitalist internet site 3 mo

For future use

Hey guys, look, a photo of Armata in Syria was posted!    Totally real!

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A little more abot TVG from otvaga


   The solid-state wave gyroscope (TBG) is the representative of a new generation of gyroscopic devices built on new physical principles. Its basis is the theory of waves.     

   Structurally, the TBG consists of a sensitive element in the form of a hemispherical resonator and an electronics unit. The product has a small weight and dimensions, it does not have rotating parts, as well as elements that can fail from large oscillation amplitudes. Uniqueness of the device provides a lot of parameters, in particular, the minimal in comparison with analogues the time of readiness, the maximum wide dynamic range, high resistance to mechanical influences.


   The application of the TVG allows successfully solving the problems of increasing accuracy, reliability, vibration resistance, impact resistance, providing the possibility to work in conditions of high radiation background, strong electromagnetic field, etc. Possessing a whole complex of characteristics that are inaccessible to the traditionally used instruments - mechanical, laser and fiber optic gyroscopes - TVG will be beyond competition in modern control systems. Gyroscopic instruments of the new generation can be successfully used both for military purposes and in the civilian sphere: in industry, oil production, quality control systems for roads and railways, for building the origin in the orientation system in robotics, for building orientation systems in cosmonautics, in navigation systems and control systems for water and air traffic, ground transportation. According to Marat Ziyatdinov, many enterprises are interested in purchasing these devices.



   I also add that a standing wave is conserved for a considerable time in the resonator in the absence of power supply, which allows to take into account the displacement accurately when turning on the power. Roughly: a powerful EMP caused the safety circuit of the power circuits to shot down, when they are turned on, the TVG can immediately restore the final position of the PTS or allow for the offset in the BINS.


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On 2/17/2018 at 5:58 PM, Collimatrix said:


Hmmm... anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this means exactly?  My guess is that it's something like a ring laser gyroscope.


It's a HRG. Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope - it would be a major accomplishment of Russian industry if they have actually put these into mass production. Only two firms on the planet so far make them.


(Also, first actual post of a longtime lurker!)

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9 hours ago, TokyoMorose said:


It's a HRG. Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope - it would be a major accomplishment of Russian industry if they have actually put these into mass production. Only two firms on the planet so far make them.


(Also, first actual post of a longtime lurker!)

Welcome to SH!


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This is a long one so I'll do the recap:


1)Its Kornet missiles have an extended range of 6.5km.

2)Shitty joke about Bumerangs going into combat and returning.

3)Afghanit gives it a full peripheral protection. Almost complete reliance on APS. Anti-mine/IED system included as well.

4)More than one kit exists for the Bumerang. One for amphibious operations, which is the lightest, and another heavier one for combat.

5)Base armor protects against sniper fire, MGs, and basically all sorts of small arms fire.

6)Plans exist for a "wheeled tank" on the basis of the Bumerang, but without reducing the internal volume of the vehicle. i.e fully overhead high caliber weapon system.

7)Production series vehicles will be more spacious.

8)User Interface (UI) allows easy access and view of the vehicle's full diagnostics data.

9)Weight of the vehicle can exceed 30 tons, which may refer to its heavier armor package, although for this brakes testing they used special weights placed on top of the vehicle.

10)Bumerang is built to accommodate even exceptionally large individuals.


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On the basis of the heavy unified platform "Armata" it is planned to create a whole family of armored vehicles for various purposes. At present, the need to create the so-called "Russian Merkava" - versions of the T-15 BMP with tank armament is being discussed. They will include the "heavy units" of the ground forces of the Russian army. This is reported by sources in the military industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

We are talking about the possibility of equipping some infantry combat vehicles with a unified combat module, which was created on the topic "Breakthrough 3". At present, we see it on the modernized T-90M tank.

As expected, the novelty should remain the possibility of transporting motorized rifles, but in a somewhat reduced composition.

Experts emphasize that the new version of the heavy infantry fighting vehicle should not replace the T-14 tanks, but be their addition on the battlefield. They will be in the same battalions along with the usual T-15.




What. The. Fuck?


(Please don't ban me from this christian forum.)


EDIT: Okay now that I've come to my senses, let's analyze what we're seeing here and seriously hope this is not an official sketch. 

Seems like it is a T-90M turret with a combination of the T-72's turret rear ERA modules. It is going to protrude into the hull, which means they're going to give up a portion of the infantry section they're carrying. Better just design a new turret IMO and put all the ammo inside a bustle, with just a service hatch beneath the turret. No need to unify anything with the T-90 because it's produced in low numbers and is no longer in production anyway.


But then, that turret's right at the rear, so there's not going to be much they can put at the rear. Infantry will also have to go past the huge turret basket every single time, which is uncomfortable to say the least, especially in gear.


Last but not least the actual doctrine, how are they going to combine 3 different types of IFVs in the same formation? They have the 30mm, future 57mm, and now 125mm. 

What's most worrying is when you give a vehicle such firepower, the crew start thinking like a tank crew, not an IFV crew. That's an easy way to get less efficiency in their prime role!

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38 minutes ago, Collimatrix said:


First I've heard that particular accusation.

It's a minecraft joke.


Anyway, glad this turned out to be a hoax. It's just odd they would try to make the annual bamboozle relate to weaponry. Putin stepping down, or someone firing a nuke would be more dramatic. Maybe some KGB-led revolution.

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    • By LoooSeR
      Hello, my friends and Kharkovites, take a sit and be ready for your brains to start to work - we are going to tell you a terrible secret of how to tell apart Soviet tanks that actually works like GLORIOUS T-80 and The Mighty T-72 from Kharkovites attempt to make a tank - the T-64. Many of capitalists Westerners have hard time understanding what tank is in front of them, even when they know smart words like "Kontakt-5" ERA. Ignoramus westerners!
         Because you are all were raised in several hundreds years old capitalism system all of you are blind consumer dummies, that need big noisy labels and shiny colorful things to be attached to product X to be sold to your ignorant heads and wallets, thats why we will need to start with basics. BASICS, DA? First - how to identify to which tank "family" particular MBT belongs to - to T-64 tree, or T-72 line, or Superior T-80 development project, vehicles that don't have big APPLE logo on them for you to understand what is in front of you. And how you can do it in your home without access to your local commie tank nerd? 
         Easy! Use this Putin approved guide "How to tell appart different families of Soviet and Russian tanks from each other using simple and easy to spot external features in 4 steps: a guide for ignorant western journalists and chairborn generals to not suck in their in-depth discussions on the Internet".
      Chapter 1: Where to look, what to see.
      T-64 - The Ugly Kharkovite tank that doesn't work 
         We will begin with T-64, a Kharkovite attempt to make a tank, which was so successful that Ural started to work on their replacement for T-64 known as T-72. Forget about different models of T-64, let's see what is similar between all of them.

      T-72 - the Mighty weapon of Workers and Peasants to smash westerners
         Unlike tank look-alike, made by Kharkovites mad mans, T-72 is true combat tank to fight with forces of evil like radical moderate barbarians and westerners. Thats why we need to learn how identify it from T-64 and you should remember it's frightening lines!

      The GLORIOUS T-80 - a Weapon to Destroy and Conquer bourgeois countries and shatter westerners army
         And now we are looking at the Pride of Party and Soviet army, a true tank to spearhead attacks on decadent westerners, a tank that will destroy countries by sucking their military budgets and dispersing their armies in vortex of air, left from high-speed charge by the GLORIOUS T-80!

      The T-80 shooting down jets by hitting them behind the horizont 
    • By LoooSeR
      I want to show you several late Soviet MBT designs, which were created in 1980s in order to gain superiority over NATO focres. I do think that some of them are interesting, some of them look like a vehicle for Red Alert/Endwar games. 
           Today, Russia is still use Soviet MBTs, like T-80 and T-72s, but in late 1970s and 1980s Soviet military and engineers were trying to look for other tank concepts and designs. T-64 and other MBTs, based on concept behind T-64, were starting to reaching their limits, mostly because of their small size and internal layout. 
      PART 1
      Object 292
         We open our Box of Communism Spreading Godless Beasts with not so much crazy attempt to mate T-80 hull with 152 mm LP-83 gun (LP-83 does not mean Lenin Pride-83). It was called Object 292.
          First (and only, sadly) prototype was build in 1990, tested at Rzhevskiy proving ground (i live near it) in 1991, which it passed pretty well. Vehicle (well, turret) was developed by Leningrad Kirov factory design bureau (currently JSC "Spetstrans") Because of collapse of Soviet Union this project was abandoned. One of reasons was that main gun was "Burevestnik" design bureau creation, which collapsed shortly after USSR case to exist. It means that Gorbachyov killed this vehicle. Thanks, Gorbach!
          Currently this tank is localted in Kubinka, in running condition BTW. Main designer was Nikolay Popov.
          Object 292, as you see at photos, had a new turret. This turret could have been mounted on existing T-80 hulls without modifications to hull (Object 292 is just usual serial production T-80U with new turret, literally). New Mechanical autoloading mechanism was to be build for it. Turret had special Abrams-like bustle for ammunition, similar feature you can see on Ukrainian T-84-120 Yatagan MBT and, AFAIK, Oplot-BM.
          Engine was 1250 HP GTD-1250 T-80U engine. 152 mm main smoothbore gun was only a little bit bigger than 2A46 125 mm smoothbore gun, but it had much better overall perfomance.
          This prototype was clearly a transitory solution between so called "3" and "4th" generation tanks.
          Some nerd made a model of it:
      ........Continue in Part 2
    • By seppo
      this is my first post. Please no bully. :3
      Panzerkampfwagen 2000
      In 1988 Germany developed a concept for a tank with two crew men. In order to test whether it's possible for only two crew men to operate a tank effectively, a Leopard 1 and a Leopard 2 were modified. 

      Field trials were held in 1990 and subsequently it was concluded to be a viable concept in 1992. The project was however canceled, because the downfall of the Soviet Union meant, that a new battle tank was no longer needed. Furthermore Israel stealing submarines and reunification meant that the budget was not sufficient either.
      Neue Gepanzerte Plattform
      In 1995 a concept for a whole family of armored vehicles(SPAAG, MBT, IFV) was developed, where the MBT would be manned by two man, just like the Panzerkampfwagen 2000. A prototype was build and tested in 1997. However a further budget cut lead to the cancellation in 1998. Wegmann desgin: Turret + autoloader:
      Diehl developed an APS for this tank: AWiSS

      Hull length = 8,67m
      Full width = 3,98m
      Width between the tracks = 3,5m
      Height = 2,71m
      The intended combat weight for the complete tank was between 55t and 77t.
      Can anyone calculate the the cross section areas and the protection levels for the front and the side, assuming mid-90s filler materials were used?
      Thanks for your attention!
    • By Tied
      i personally support it, by finding the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky greatly improved state scurrility both inside the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and abroad (their jurisdiction was only domestic, but they kept the internationally influential people safe at night)   a dedicated defender of both the Revolution and all the Soviet peoples     what do you think of this news?

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