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China is building one the worlds largest space launch vehicles.

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Well, since people sperg out over space on this forum and want a new space race, the long march 5 which was delayed until 2015 much earlier last year is shaping up now, so here you go I guess.


I don't really pay as much attention to space based developments as I should so not sure what exactly is new.



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Yeah, they've been working on that for a while. 25 tonnes to orbit is similar to Delta IV Heavy, Angara, STS (if you don't include the Orbiter's weight), Proton, Titan IIIE. That's more than Falcon 9, but less than the proposed Falcon 9 Heavy.


They've also made 2 compliment rockets from what I've been reading to it, a "Medium" LM7 and an emergency small sized LM6, and of course the proposed 9 which has a rather massive 130 ton payload capability but isn't expeccted to be seen until 2030 accord to that article and others I've been reading on while bored.


(I also find it terribly odd they skipped the number 8 in designations, Many Chinese are very superstitious about numbers, yet 3 and 8 are seen as incredibly lucky ones and used as often as possible most of the time.)

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