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The military culture and dysfunction thread

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No, you're supposed to look at the supporting evidence. That book you linked? Its thesis was already featured comprehensively in a pretty good article from 2009.     http://www.salon.com/2009/06/15

Again. I'm not going to defend or attack Chris Kyle. The umbrage I take is this comment. "When you go "volunteer" military, you actually get the dregs for the most part" which is rather demonstrably u

Posted on the WOT forums, our very own Zinegata weighs in on the issue:       I wish that the US presidency were a sham institution, concealing a king.  Tell me when elections are suspended and w

I'm pretty much of the opinion that if you make it through SEAL training, and see combat as a SEAL, you pretty much have nothing left to prove to anyone.  No need to lie about your service to make yourself look better.  The article mentioned his mental state might be a PTSD symptom.  I wouldn't write it off totally, but it sounds like Chris Kyle was a bit of a dick in general.

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