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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

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Somebody decided to mount optical sight from RPG-7V ("PGO-7V", 2.7x) on AK (both 5.45 and 7.62), like some of Soviet Army soldiers did in A-stan and find out how to use it and why people were doing th

Also few rare photo from Directorate A facility (i guess).   Some of them translated:   Also, MP-5s if i see it right.

Zvezda made a report about FSB TsSN Directorate "K" (25 years anniversary), screengrabs:        Armored UAZ Patriot. Interesting, are those things as shitty as normal Patrio


Lifting watchtower from the containerized complex created by the Italian company Leonardo to protect the forward bases, called the Active defense components (ADC).  On top of ADC - Leonardo Oto Hitrole Light, a remotely controlled combat module with a 12.7 mm M2HB machine gun (c) Christopher F. Foss 


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Onyx exoskeleton and UGVs testing 





   At the beginning of December 2018, the recon unit of the 10th Mountain Division of the US Army began testing Onyx exoskeletons developed by Lockheed Martin. The Onyx control system is able to determine which terrain solider is traveling on, whether it is traveling light or carrying a load. In case the operator traveling light , the exoskeleton simply turns off, but begins to provide support if soldier starts to go down the mountain or climb it or takes the load and carries it. The mass of the new exoskeleton is 6.4 kilograms. For an eight-hour operation of the device, a battery module with a mass of 2.7 kilograms and 5.4 kilograms for 16 hours of work is required. Currently, developers are looking for lighter, but more capacious batteries. As expected, the tests of the Onyx exoskeleton will tale place for just over a year. According to their results, the US Army will issue Lockheed Martin with recommendations on how to refine the device. The American company expects to receive a contract for the supply of devices and begin their production in 2020.

   Also, soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division will test four unmanned transport systems under the US Army Squad Multi-purpose Equipment Transport (SMET) program during the year.
   In the program participate:
Consortium "Polaris Industries", "Neya Systems" and "Applied Research Associates" with a robotic model MRZR-X;
General Dynamics Land Systems with the Mullti Utility Tactical Transport robotic system;
The HDT Global company with the WOLF robotic complex;
Howe and Howe with the Ripsaw RS2-H1 transport system















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