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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.


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Soldiers Test New Integrated Visual Augmentation System




   The final product — officials say it will likely be fielded in the fourth quarter of FY21 — will include a variety of features: a color see-through digital display that makes it possible for the user to access information without taking his eye off the battlefield; thermal and low-light sensors that make it possible to see in the dark, literally; rapid target acquisition and aided target identification; augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to name just a few. IVAS is billed as a fight-rehearse-train system, meaning its function on the battlefield is priority, but its augmented reality capabilities, like real-time mapping, will make it useful for training and rehearsing operations anywhere at any time.


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   Somebody decided to mount optical sight from RPG-7V ("PGO-7V", 2.7x) on AK (both 5.45 and 7.62), like some of Soviet Army soldiers did in A-stan and find out how to use it and why people were doing that.








   Using ballistic tables and empirical data they figured out ranges/zero/holdovers for PGO-7V using both 5.45 and 7.62

   For 5.45 it looks like this ("crosshair" is at 300, was zeroed to this range)







   Rangefinder shows range to a target that are 2.7 meters high (AFVs), works for humans ~1.7 meters high if you decrease resulting range by 100 meters.

   Probable reasons to use this sight is slightly lower magnification that gives better view on ranges where AK are effective, relatively easy to use and this sight was avaliable at the time for some of soldiers to put on their rifles. It also have illuminated reticle (although it will be hard to find proper battery, owner of the sight in the post re-made it for AAA battery) and sight is small enough to not obscure iron sights.


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