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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

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Somebody decided to mount optical sight from RPG-7V ("PGO-7V", 2.7x) on AK (both 5.45 and 7.62), like some of Soviet Army soldiers did in A-stan and find out how to use it and why people were doing th

Also few rare photo from Directorate A facility (i guess).   Some of them translated:   Also, MP-5s if i see it right.

Now that's how you design an oppression tower. Just needs some more spikes and barbed wire, an ominous smoke generator, and hidden speakers for playing theme appropriate music and it's good to go.

6 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

Chinese exoskeleton prototype


chest and shoulder straps look like he's being drug back into the thing.


Also-"how do these things work in really rough, rocky/mountainous terrain?" Looks like he's clumping around on two metal footplates.

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Seems that Evgeniy Kel visited 282nd Training Centre for #NBC Troops (UTs RKhBZ) in Bolshoy Bunkovo village, Moscow Oblast (ZVO). Note newly delivered PMK-4 #gasmask s and Obves'ed AK(S)-74(M) assault rifles with 1P87 sights.
Images ©Evgeniy Kel








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Rheinmetall has won the first request for proposals for preliminary studies relating to European Union defence research financed by the EU’s European Defence Union.

Under the GOSSRA project, studies will be conducted into developing an open reference architecture as the basis of EU-wide standardized soldier systems. This includes electronics, voice and data communication, software solutions, man-machine interfaces, sensors and effectors.

So no complete system but the standards for other systems.
But Plugs, formats etc.

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The IDF has purchased 2250 FCS units for rifles, to be delivered by 2020. 

A first batch of 250 units will be delivered by the end of this month (March), and will become operational with the Givati infantry brigade.


The system allows the soldier to first designate a target, and fire only when the gun is aimed at the target. 






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On 13.03.2018 at 6:26 PM, LoooSeR said:


About 7 or 8 thermal imagers in first scene of this video.

@Collimatrix, isn't this incredible when SAA soldiers wearing almost rags, but with high-price optics?

   And here is 1PN140-2 for SVD (or for PKM, sight have version for either of those guns) that those SAA soldiers mounted on their AK-74s. In the video - version for SVD. Thermal imager footage from 5:28, video is in Russian.


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