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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.

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Let's all take a trip back to the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This was the time of punk.  This was the time of despair.   Punk was all about minimalism; strip everything down to a few chords, wear

So what, my 5.56 rounds are groundbreaking too if I shoot the dirt.

Stechkin's Abakan (TKB-0146). https://www.kalashnikov.ru/abakan-stechkina-avtomat-stechkina-tkb-0146/        Bullpup, system of "recoil impulse shifted in time", 2-stage

When i said that our MoD adopted everything, i meant fucking everything.


   The Kalashnikov Concern has signed a contract with the defense ministry for serial deliveries of the new RPK-16 automatic machine gun, the company's CEO Alexei Krivoruchko told journalists.

   Previously, machine guns successfully passed the pre-serial production military test/field operation.


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8 minutes ago, roguetechie said:

Shit applesauce' pic is making me think it very well could be a valmet or Norinco hunter based gun....

I could be wrong since there's so many AK type guns out there, but I believe the Valmet and Norinco sporters would have a slant back receiver instead of the usual flat one like the .308 galil.  Mags also seem to match up.

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Now the service has a two-phased approach, which starts with acquiring a standardized 7.62mm Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle, Murray said.

"That gives us the ability to penetrate the most advanced body armor in the world," he said. "We are accelerating the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle to 2018; we will start fielding that in 2018."

The Army had hoped to start fielding the advanced 7.62mm armor-piercing round in 2018 as well, but that effort will take another year to complete, Murray said.

The SDMR "will still penetrate that body armor, but you can't get that extended range that is possible with the next generation round," Murray said.

Phase two of the effort will be the development of the Next Generation Squad Weapon.

"The first iteration will probably be an automatic rifle to replace the M249 squad automatic weapon, which is also a 5.56mm," Murray said.

The Army has decided, however, that it isn't interested in following the Marine Corps' adoption of the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.

"We have been pushed on the M27, which the Marine Corps has adopted, that is also a 5.56mm which doesn't penetrate, so we are going to go down a path next generation squad weapon automatic rifle first to be closely followed, I'm hopeful, with either a rifle or a carbine that will fire something other than a 5.56mm.

"That is what we see as a replacement for the M4 in the future."

Murray added that "It probably won't be a 7.62mm; it will probably be something in between -- case-telescoping round, probably polymer cased to reduce the weight of it.


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5 hours ago, Sturgeon said:


So help me god I just watched the whole thing and took 2,000 words worth of posts.

Works for me. Lags a bit, but no worse than Youtube on a bit of WW2 surplus commo wire.

Also, LTG  Anderson needs to cull the fruit salad lest he need the services of a chiropractor.


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10 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

When you want Kriss Vector, but have only a Glock





The Glock Block....


Holy Jesus!


I have to say I'm disappointed though, there's no standoff device/integrated brake. If you're going to take it that far anyway there's really no reason NOT to include a standoff device/brake combo.


... Don't get cockblocked buy Glock Block!

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      There are many who feel that the 5.56 NATO is a superlative rifle round. Much has been said about larger alternatives to 5.56, such as various 6.5mm and 6.8mm rounds among others. Less has been said about smaller rounds. Off the top of my head, I can recall that there was a German 4.6x36mm round, used in the HK36, and the British 4.85x49mm round. Neither of these rounds managed to gain widespread acceptance. My knowledge of the voodoo that is ballistics is somewhat limited, so I'm uncertain as to whether these failures were caused by flaws with the rounds themselves, or because they were below some lower limit of effective bullet size, beyond which performance decreases rapidly. Could we see a resurgence of these concepts in the future, or do they represent an evolutionary dead-end?

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