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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.

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Let's all take a trip back to the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This was the time of punk.  This was the time of despair.   Punk was all about minimalism; strip everything down to a few chords, wear

Stechkin's Abakan (TKB-0146). https://www.kalashnikov.ru/abakan-stechkina-avtomat-stechkina-tkb-0146/        Bullpup, system of "recoil impulse shifted in time", 2-stage

So what, my 5.56 rounds are groundbreaking too if I shoot the dirt.

Does anyone here have any personal experience with the Benalli B76?  I didn't realize how much I needed one until I saw one at my LGS.  Seems like a perfect blend to me of well made, mechanically interesting, and visually interesting.  If I was interested in buying a gun for purely practical reasons, I would not be looking at this.  Apparently it doesn't like hollow points, but I wasn't planning to shoot hollow points from it anyways.  As a bonus, sounds like it's on the less expensive end of the snazzy steel framed 9mm market.


Considering selling something from my stash to get it, but struggling to find any that I would want to part with just yet.

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Yup, I like his stuff.  Won't have a computer till tomorrow evening, so haven't done any serious googling yet.  The gun's looks alone at the store caught my eyes, but the price tag stopped me from getting too interested until I got home and saw his video showing the guts of the gun.  The only other time that I've had such a mighty need for something was when getting my super vepr.  The B76 at the gun store is in a similar condition and price as the one on armslist right now, has the box too.


I seem to have developed an unfortunate habit of finding a cool gun, researching it, then seeing he's got a video on it.  For better or worse, I have developed a similar taste to him in terms of liking the whacky and well made, though the main difference is that he has the money to support that taste.  I have a Walther P5 that I'll be getting soon, though I at least got it and a spare mag for a lot less than it should have been.  No such deals are to be found on the B76 at the moment though it seems.

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4 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

There are some really cool ones there! The 7.62 Sterling prototype, Lewis Assault Rifle, and the original version Thorneycroft, which I didn't even knew still existed!


Do you have a source?

Looks like I jacked up the link in my post there. There's a whole lot more here: https://imgur.com/gallery/G6aa9nH

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Biggest New Assault Rifle Deal For Indian Army Finally In Sight


   Livefist can confirm that the Ministry of Defence last week signed off on paperwork that will see a deal for 72,400 SIG716 assault rifles concluded later this month with U.S. firm Sig Sauer Inc. The rifles will replace in the service INSAS with frontline infantry units. All of the rifles contracted will be manufactured at Sig Sauer’s New Hampshire facilities and supplied over the course of a single year to meet the Indian Army’s fast track requirements.


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The recent MHS Material Reliability Test consisted of firing three M18 pistols to an unprecedented 12,000 rounds each, and in an extraordinary display of reliability, the M18 performed with zero stoppages.

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    • By LostCosmonaut
      There are many who feel that the 5.56 NATO is a superlative rifle round. Much has been said about larger alternatives to 5.56, such as various 6.5mm and 6.8mm rounds among others. Less has been said about smaller rounds. Off the top of my head, I can recall that there was a German 4.6x36mm round, used in the HK36, and the British 4.85x49mm round. Neither of these rounds managed to gain widespread acceptance. My knowledge of the voodoo that is ballistics is somewhat limited, so I'm uncertain as to whether these failures were caused by flaws with the rounds themselves, or because they were below some lower limit of effective bullet size, beyond which performance decreases rapidly. Could we see a resurgence of these concepts in the future, or do they represent an evolutionary dead-end?

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