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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.


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   On February 12, the delegation of the V.A. Degtyarev's plant took part in the demonstration of promising weapons at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The show took place at one of the sites of the Patriot Park (Moscow).

   Company presented 12 units of the most modern small arms, as well as a robotic complex of range equipment, designed to quickly create a target environment.

   The delegation of the Ministry of Defense was headed by General of the Army V.V. Gerasimov (Chief of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the RF) and Colonel-General Yu-B.B. Evkurov (Head of the Main Combat Training Directorate of the RF Armed Forces and the Aviation Safety Service of the RF Armed Forces).

   KORD-5.45/Tokar-2, A545/762, short barreled Pecheneg-SP, some sort of mods for PKM.









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   State tests of the full-size Lebedev pistol (PL) will end in the spring of 2021. This was reported to TASS by the press service of the Kalashnikov group of companies (part of the Rostec state corporation), which developed the pistol.

    “A full-size version of the Lebedev pistol is intended for the Russian Guard, which is at the final stage of state testing. It is expected that the tests will end this spring, then the trial operation of the pistol will begin, after which company expects that the pistol will arouse the interest of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation". As noted in the press service, it is assumed that the PL will replace the Makarov pistol (PM). “This should be the same mass pistol as the PM,” said Kalashnikov Concern representative.


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   Some interesting test rigs on AK basis used to try out different means to increase accuracy of fire/burst/etc. Balanced recoil system, moving gun barrels and other different mechanical parts glued to AKs.


   Recoil here is compensated by moving mass in opposite direction, synchronised via cable.




   Same, but using barrel


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   MPL passed state trials


   In February 2021, MPL successfully completed state tests. The pistol was developed according to the tactical and technical assignment of the Russian Guard in the course of development work (ROC) "development of a promising pistol chambered for 9x19 mm with extended tactical capabilities", code "Lynx". The state commission approved the results of state tests of the pistol and recommended it for adoption by the FSVNG of Russia.


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   Photos from my yesterday visit to St.Petersburg museum of artillery.

LAD MG chambered in pistol caliber (7.62x25)







   3 guns on this side of display and one on the bipod are:

  1. Simonov's 7.62mm avtomat №3
  2. Tokaerv's 7.62mm avtomat №1
  3. Degtyarov's 7.62mm avtomat №1
  4. Degtyarov's 7.62mm avtomat №2



   On the other side of display:



   3 guns are:

  1. Korobov's 7.62mm TKB-315 №1
  2. Korobov's 7.62mm TKB-315 №3
  3. Sudaev's 7.62mm avtomat




   7 guns on display are:

  1. Kuzmischev's 7.62mm avtomat №3
  2. Sudaev's 7.62mm AS-44
  3. Bulkin's 7.62mm avtomat
  4. Sudaev's 7.62mm lightweight OAS, 1945
  5. Degtyarov's 7.62mm KB-P-280 №4
  6. Shpagin's 7.62mm avtomat
  7. Simonov's 7.62mm AS-4-P-44




   Note that Number 2 is bullpup nearest to camera.

  1. Kubinov's 7.62mm avtomat, Variant 1.
  2. Korovin's 7.62mm avtomat (bullpup)
  3. Efimov's 7.62mm AP-34




  1. Korobov's 7.62mm TKB-408
  2. Bulkin's 7.62mm AB-46 with wooden stock
  3. Dementiev's 7.62mm KB-P-410 №3 with wooden stock
  4. Rukavishnikov's 7.62mm AR-46 with wooden stock
  5. Rukavishnikov's 7.62mm AR-46 with metal stock




   Kalashnikov's AK-46 (Variant 1,2 and 3)



   AK-47 with changes made to increase accuracy of fire






  1. Bulkin's 7.62mm TKB-415 №6
  2. Dementiev's 7.62mm KB-P-410 №5





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