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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.

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Let's all take a trip back to the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This was the time of punk.  This was the time of despair.   Punk was all about minimalism; strip everything down to a few chords, wear

So what, my 5.56 rounds are groundbreaking too if I shoot the dirt.

Stechkin's Abakan (TKB-0146). https://www.kalashnikov.ru/abakan-stechkina-avtomat-stechkina-tkb-0146/        Bullpup, system of "recoil impulse shifted in time", 2-stage



So, from MAC videos about CZ Bren 805 pistol i can say that:

1) This pistol is too heavy for a SMG/Pistol

2) Maintenance is harder to do with this Bren because of bolt/carrier design

3) It have no heat protection for hands and heats quickly, making it hard to hold right

4) Reciprocating charging handle does not improve ergonomics

5) It cost plenty, without offering anything new or usefull over others SMG/Pistols, while being more expensive.

Who will buy this gun anyway? 

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I've seen those photos before. Not even Canfield knows what that rifle is. It was some one-off experimental with a fun switch and a funky stock.


If you look closely, you can see that they cut the butt off of a second stock and flipped it over to splice it all together at the wrist.


It was clearly an experiment to test the utility of an in-line stock without resorting to a vertical pistol grip.

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M14 converted to .223:




Also it turns out Dr. Carten was a Gerpersherr fanboy which makes him even more hilarious.


Yes, after 1953 when Studler retired, all of Ordnance's design chops leaked out and they kept trying to think of ways to save money by half-assing rifle projects.


When it became obvious that this was a permanent condition, Ordnance and then Springfield Armory were shut down and Army R&D reorganized.

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So yeah, mini post on the QBZ-03 or, why does this rifle exist?


First, differences between the QBZ-03 and QBZ-95A which was made around the same time the more notable QBZ-95 was made, most people don't even know it was a thing.




And some random ass photos of troops in various units and branches carrying them despite it not really being issued.






8386d57bee16fd7dc95fa43e954a3d8e.png Before you ask, no I have no clue why he's hiding his face.


p1dPpn0.jpg The blue may indicate non firing parts.




a7a5a2dcf388536e8086b53963bddab5.pngSince Crashbot claimed soldiers will do anything to get out of cleaning or maintaining weapons, apparently they didn't try hard enough.












The conclusions I can draw from this are: .... I still have no idea what they were actually intending to do with this rifle, but I have a fuckload more photos of them being used in odd places.

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I hope that this kind of content will not be seen on TFB from this time. THat guy is really unpleasant and video is distasteful.






Looks like it was taken down for some reason.

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      There are many who feel that the 5.56 NATO is a superlative rifle round. Much has been said about larger alternatives to 5.56, such as various 6.5mm and 6.8mm rounds among others. Less has been said about smaller rounds. Off the top of my head, I can recall that there was a German 4.6x36mm round, used in the HK36, and the British 4.85x49mm round. Neither of these rounds managed to gain widespread acceptance. My knowledge of the voodoo that is ballistics is somewhat limited, so I'm uncertain as to whether these failures were caused by flaws with the rounds themselves, or because they were below some lower limit of effective bullet size, beyond which performance decreases rapidly. Could we see a resurgence of these concepts in the future, or do they represent an evolutionary dead-end?

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