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    • By Jeeps_Guns_Tanks
      This site is a true classic of the internet, with a lot of interesting info if you dig around. I see others claim that the site is wrong, and that the Yamato should score better. I don't buy this, but would love to see a breakdown on how the site is wrong.
    • By LostCosmonaut
      During the late 1930s/early 1940s, the Soviet Union attempted to build the Sovetsky Soyuz class battleships. It did not go well. The Soviets had never built any ships larger than a light cruiser or armed with 16 inch guns. (Though navweaps does mention that 16 inch armed battleships were planned prior to the Russian Revolution). Also, Soviet steel manufacturers proved unable to manufacture armor in the required thickness. This, along with other flaws, meant that of 16 planned battleships, only four were laid down by 1941, and all of those were scrapped after the war (none came close to completion).
      In retrospect, it would have been better if the steel, time, and other resources on the battleships had gone to other uses. However, could the Soviets have developed a reasonably competent battleship or heavy cruiser design in that time period? If so, what might it have looked like?
    • By LostCosmonaut
      Have you ever wanted a game that is like KSP for boats, but with terrible graphics? Rule the Waves  might be for you!
      Design boats, some of which are probably going to be terrible!




      Play as great naval powers from the early 20th century, such as:
      US UK Germany France Russia Japan Austria-Hungary (?) Italy (??) Spain (???) The Confederacy (????) Sweet battle graphics!



      Here's a copy of the manual: http://www.navalwarfare.net/files/SAI/RTW_MANUAL.pdf
      Have at it.
    • By Sturgeon
      An interesting article about a pretty awful case of prolonged demise.
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