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Youtube general?


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"I'm a '90s kid, I was born in '94."

BITCH. NIGGA. NO. YOU ARE NOT A '90s KID. By the time you were 3, which is pretty much the earliest possible point that you could have memories, it was already 1997. You probably have almost no memories from before age 6, by which point it wasn't the '90s anymore. Virtually ALL of your formative memories were from the early 2000s.

That makes you a 2000s kid.


I am a '90s kid. Sort of. Real '90s kids were born in the 1980s, but my family was backward so I got exposure to a lot of '80s living standards and technology wrapped around late '90s pop culture.


But you remember the Macarena? Yeah, because middle school dances are lame, and they play lame music. Doesn't make you a fucking '90s kid.

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On 12/20/2016 at 0:29 AM, Sturgeon said:



But you remember the Macarena? Yeah, because middle school dances are lame, and they play lame music. Doesn't make you a fucking '90s kid.

I didn't watch the video, but is the big reveal that the Macarena was actually written by Serbian ultra-nationalists and it's a call to exterminate Albanians and support Slobodan Milošević?  Because if the shocking revelation is that it's actually about sex or something, I'm going to be really bored.

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Bloke on the Range has a much more plausible sounding explanation for the YouTube Adpocalypse:




Was discussing the whole "Admageddon" thing with The Chap yesterday in the car, and the fact that Google/YouTube/Adsense have not been entirely honest with YouTubers. Right from the start.

Basically, as I understand it (and my sister's friend sells ads for them in London, so I've a little inside info) was that once the advertisers had pulled out in April following bad media reports of ads being shown on racist vids, the amount of ads to go round was massively reduced.

Instead of being straight-up with people about this, YouTube started rationing ads but not explaining how or why. They could have just come out and said "this is how it is, we've got reduced volumes at the moment so we're going to put them where we can have the best value add for our advertisers, who are the ones paying for all this. No advertisers, no revenues for anyone. Yes, it'll be mostly on innocuous viral kitten videos for a while, sorry. We hope that normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."

Yes, it'll annoy everyone making other types of videos, but at least it's being honest and upfront. But what they actually did was basically the same thing but by subterfuge, and communicating about it very belatedly and in a creepy manner.

This was the era of the "shadow demonetisation", which BotR suffered - my vids were monetised, but no ads were showing. Contacting YouTube just got bot-generated boilerplate about "community standards" and "maximising revenues for our content providers". Which was great, when revenues had dropped to practically zero. This is the kind of propaganda-type nonsense that I basically interpret as "blatantly lying to my face". Cos you're talking about "maximising revenue" for me while actually minimising my revenues. And you won't explain to me at all as to why no ads are running.

If they'd just said, "look, firearms content is obviously adult, we've got lower volumes, so like all adult-classified channels you'll be getting less ads for a while, sorry, we're working on it, it's in our interests too that every monetised vid shows an ad on each view", I'd have accepted it. But no.....

The other thing they seem to have been doing is randomly demonetising stuff - which is what Ian has dealt with in the post below. By demonetising new vids and with the time-lags for appeal corresponding to a fair number of views, they can ration ads artificially in this manner. A very big channel also had all of his hundreds of videos demonetised suddenly. Which he had to individually appeal. Add this dodgyness up over thousands of popular channels, and it's a way to squeeze a bit more distance out of the ads they've got to run.

And of course they can hide behind their algorithm, "community standards", "maximising revenue for content creators", "blablabla" while never, ever having to tell people exactly what's going on.

What bothers me is not the loss of revenues so much, which I understand - there's less ads sold than vids to run them on. Fine. It's the complete lack of timely communication, no clear and honest explanation, and the Pravda-style BS when they *did* comment on it that really stick in the throat.

/rant out.



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