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    • By SuperComrade
      About to read a (stolen) copy of

      Let the games begin!
    • By Walter_Sobchak
      Since I have a new interview with Ken Estes available on my site, I thought I would start a thread on the topic.  This is the place to post links to interviews with tankers and/or authors.
      Marines Under Armor: An Interview with Kenneth Estes
      Here are my older pieces:
      A Military, Political and Global History of Armoured Warfare: An Interview with Alaric Searle
      Patton versus the Panzers: An Interview with Steven Zaloga
      Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front: An Interview with Robert Forczyk
      Germany’s Panzer Arm in WWII: An Interview with R. L. DiNardo
      Q & A with Jim Warford about Soviet/Russian Armor
      Interview with Harry Yeide – Part 1: US Armor in World War II
      Interview with Harry Yeide – Part 2: Fighting Patton
      Interview with Steven Zaloga
    • By Walter_Sobchak
      Last week I spent an hour or so on the phone with Harry Yeide, author of several books on US Armor in WW2.  For those interested in reading the interview, you can find it at the links posted below.  


      Interview with Harry Yeide – Part 1: US Armor in World War II


      Interview with Harry Yeide – Part 2: Fighting Patton

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