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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help

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2 hours ago, Donward said:

My favorite thing about this is how much of it was made up and manipulated.

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This is just too funny not to share:

Forwarding "We will fight until the last American" as the new NATO motto.

2 hours ago, Lostwingman said:

 What is it about marketing that attracts retards?

They are generally business school majors that don't realize the purpose of business school (getting business connections), thinking that they can climb corporate with a shitty business degree and end up going to a shitty business school. These people are usually some of the worst people on campus, with some of the most severe Dunning-Kruger syndrome in regards to their "future success" possibly only after pre-meds. After entering the workforce, they become two types of people. The first type being those who work super hard and doing whatever they can to climb corporate but they don't have the pre-requisites for climbing corporate. The second type being formerly the first type, except reality hit them and they pretty much work to not get fired as their dreams of climbing corporate ladders get crushed brutally in front of them as they work. Which is why they end up being pretty much braindead and doing stupid things, both types of marketers but in different ways.


2 hours ago, Belesarius said:

Marketers are almost as bad as politicians.

Marketers are basically salesmen without actual sales skills.

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1 hour ago, LostCosmonaut said:


Democrats handed golden opportunity, respond by owning selves. Nothing ever changes.


Turns out basing your midterm election on presidential election conspiracy theories and maintaining a fever pitch hysteria for 2 years is a shitty plan. I'd be surprised if the DNC wasn't a fucking shitshow.

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5 hours ago, Lostwingman said:

My favorite thing about this is how much of it was made up and manipulated.

No kidding,especially since they omit that Abe basically did the same thing. 


Koi tend to be semi-underfed, and HUGE.  The two of them basically dumped what amounted to my offering a half sleeve of saltines and a bottle of water to this whole forum. 


I have a small pond with 9 "comets"and in two months they have all doubled in size.  I'll have to start culling in six months.

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6 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:


Democrats handed golden opportunity, respond by owning selves. Nothing ever changes.


The thing that is odd to me is that these gomers even thought that the Democrats had a chance in the 2018 elections to begin with. Have they even taken a look at which Senators are up for reelection and in which states? 


Also how a hypothetical party does on a "national ballot" means exactly jack and shit for Congressional races that are divided up into 435 different districts across 50 states, particularly when demographics show the majority of Democrats clustering in an ever smaller number of urban congressional districts.




Edit: Fucking LOL. I'm looking at the methodology of the poll. The party splits are 31 percent Democrat, 23 percent Republican, and 38 percent Independent. 


When you skew the poll results so there are 8 percent more Democrats than Republicans and you're still getting hosed, time to close up shop and do what the Whigs did and burn the whole thing down.

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3 minutes ago, T___A said:



Evan McMullin, Independent candidate: Our election night event was in Salt Lake City. I was drinking Diet Coke and eating hummus and olives.


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Gary Johnson: Well for me, just speaking personally, I do not aspire to be president of the United States anymore. Why would anybody want to be president of the United States now that Donald Trump's been president of the United States?


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So, after a year of pushback and numerous lost elections, the left gets one win and declares complete victory over Trump? I would imagine that they are trying to spin this to say that Trump has lost the mandate of heaven and lost all of his supporters.

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2 hours ago, Ulric said:

So, after a year of pushback and numerous lost elections, the left gets one win and declares complete victory over Trump? I would imagine that they are trying to spin this to say that Trump has lost the mandate of heaven and lost all of his supporters.


Well of course; Virginia is well known for being the stronghold of Drumpf's base. It's not like he lost the state in the 2016 election or that it's filled with terrified DC bureaucrats, or anything.

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The question is, did the Republican candidate perform better than the polls indicated he would? Because of that's the case, then the right can claim the same thing there left claimed when they lost in a red state: it's still a victory because performance was better than expected.

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4 hours ago, Ulric said:

So, after a year of pushback and numerous lost elections, the left gets one win and declares complete victory over Trump? I would imagine that they are trying to spin this to say that Trump has lost the mandate of heaven and lost all of his supporters.


God Emperor Trump must reclaim the Heaven's Will by sweeping through the Middle Kingdom this week.

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    • By Khand-e
      Like I said a couple days ago actually, I said I thought it was very likely that Ma Ying-Jeou would lose the next election as he and his administration are very unpopular, and I guess it turned out to be true, also, aside from being the first female president, She's also the second candidate to win under the Democratic Progressive Party as opposed to the more traditonal Kuomintang which has held it for 5 (arguably 6) terms. and her party has also won a majority in the legislative Yuan, which is actually a pretty significant swing.

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