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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help


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I thought this was a good article on the Electoral College, accompanied by a good comment or two. Interested to see what Walt thinks: http://excessofdemocracy.com/blog/2016/11/hillary-clintons-popular-vote-margin-is-meaningless-in-every-way-except-pithy-tweets

Points 1 through 4 make sense as if the election was decided by popular vote, then things would be different and there would likely be need of more reforms to ensure that a majority of Americans want a certain leader. 


Point 5 is something I disagree with as I don't really care about land area as much as I tend to hold the radical notion that people's votes in California should have the same weight as someone's vote in New Hampshire. At least the author notes that this is a normative position, as I find it pretty weak. 

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Uncomfortable Teenage Dracula runs us down on the Electoral College:


(Note this video predates the election)


He takes a slight angle in favor of a popular vote system, which I think is silly, but it's still a decent video. Here's a funny screenshot:



Those are all blue states. Now you know why the Electoral College is important.

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As a somewhat rational leftist, I find the cognitive dissonance somewhat disturbing.


I'm hoping no one on this board will put up with actual racist garbage.  But just saying that Hillary lost because of sexism and racism when there were so very many reasons why she was a challenging candidate to sell to the middle.


And again, arrogant and out of touch.  The campaign visits, or lack thereof to WI are particularly telling to me.  A few campaign stops and a few million on 'Get out to Vote' initiatives in PA/WI/MI could have easily turned this the other way.


Racism and sexism?  Fuck that.  Arrogance and hubris is what cost Hillary the election.


And I'm one of the more aggressively emotional lefties on SH.

But I'm a straight white male. WTF do I know?

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This is a gas:


He actually said trump would have absolute power over the whole world. 


Skip to 14:40. Holy crap. 



I went out and had a beer now I'm fired up. Yes, we have the internet, but it takes a significant amount of time and resources to research the issues on your own... I think so little of the women. I think you're fucking dumb



And I swear to god if I hear that woman say "As a latino..." one more time...

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WASHINGTON—Another round of staff changes buffeted President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team Tuesday amid resistance from within the Republican Party over a top choice for secretary of state.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence formally signed documents that put him in charge of the transition team, and officials insisted the 10-week effort to build an administration is on schedule. In one of his first moves, Mr. Pence ordered the removal of all lobbyists from the transition team, said one transition team member with knowledge of the decisions.

Earlier Tuesday, former Michigan Rep. Mike Rogers, once considered a candidate to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, was ousted from the Trump transition team’s national security unit. Matthew Freedman, who was leading the group’s planning for the White House National Security Council, also departed. Mr. Freedman didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Mr. Rogers was told he was being replaced because everyone who was brought in by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the transition team’s original chairman, was being ousted, according to a person familiar with the conversation. Frank Gaffney, a Reagan administration veteran, was brought in to assist on national security issues, as has GOP U.S. Reps. Pete Hoekstra and Devin Nunes.
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