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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help


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From what I read, she did a fucking amazing job and her policies in DC are merely imitating policies in East Asia, where competent teachers are rewarded and incompetent teachers are punished. Teachers are greatly respected in East Asia because they actually cared about the students as they were rewarded by good performance. 

Other than incompetent teachers whose jobs are at stake, why the fuck would anyone be against that? That would be presenting a case where the incompetent teachers are more important than the kids' futures.

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I think you answered your own question.

Apparently the union somehow rallied parents to be against her.


Honestly, I hate teachers' unions with all my guts.

The province where I'm from in canuckistan, Manitoba has the strongest teacher unions in the country. And what do we get out of it?

We spend one of the highest amounts per student yet has the lowest test scores in standardized tests. Teachers' unions today are just making sure that the incompetent ones can't get fired under the guise of protection from """arbitrary""" firings at the expense of the future of students and the taxpayer's money.


Personally, I had a teacher that was the living example of union protected incompetence. My grade 8 math/science teacher was ridiculously incompetent and is there due to her tenure. We did a non-Newtonian fluid activity with corn starch suspension and she described a suspension fluid as "a substance which has a freezing point really close to its melting point."

To make things worse, she gets mad at students for correcting her mistakes, calling them 'rude'. Especially me because I used to correct her a lot as she made a ton of arithmetic errors.

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I remember when I first watched Girls, I thought "goddamn, this is a hardcore, no-punches-pulled indictment of my generation. That Lena Dunham person really has balls to write something like this and star in it."

Later I learned that Girls was actually Dunham's autobiographical project and that she expected everyone to actually sympathize with the main characters.


What a fucking horrible person.

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