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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help

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19 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

Basically, she came off as a confused, weird woman, who probably had his name planted in her memory at best and does not actually remember as well as she claims, or a political hack/operative at worst. But this all leave the Dems with no sound bites of big-name reps attacking a "victim".



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This is just too funny not to share:

Forwarding "We will fight until the last American" as the new NATO motto.

22 minutes ago, Legiondude said:

Kavanaugh was voted go to the Senate floor 11-10, but Flake is now asking for a 1 week limited FBI investigation before he delivers his yes vote there


There is no such thing as a limited 1 week investigation, he's just virtue signaling in hopes that the pink hats don't assassinate him.


He will vote yes when put on the spot like what happened today.

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Watching her testimony, I have decided that Ford is probably lying. Memory isn't perfect, but she is changing her story so fast, it indicates she is lying. I have memories that are over 20 years old. I have a memory from when I was five of my sister fighting with my mom and moving out. It was a major event for me, and I have a very clear, and fixed memory of it. It's not entirely correct - it doesn't agree with my sister's account of it - but it is fixed and doesn't change. So I have over 22 years developed a narrative of that memory. Ford has supposedly been talking this out with therapists and her husband for like 35 years, yet the story is changing constantly in her testimony. I think it's because she is terrified, and when liars are scared they start changing shit, that's hallmark behavior of someone who is lying. People who are telling the truth get nervous and fear that people won't believe them, too, but their response is usually to stick to the truth of their memory.


Initially, I thought there was a reasonable chance Ford actually was assaulted but not likely by Brett Kavanaugh. Now I am beginning to think she was coerced by Feinstein and is lying.

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8 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

I personally theorize that Trump lured Lindsey Graham into his office on some pretext.


Suddenly, three of Trump's old WWE wrestler buddies sprang out and locked the door.  Then they put Graham into a sleeper hold and suplexed him into the floor.  Then, for good measure, they hit him with folding chairs for a while.


Then two held him down on the ground while one of them yelled in his face.  "DO YOU FEEL WEAK?!  ARE YOU ANGRY YET?!  AM I GOING TO HAVE TO HIT YOU SOME MORE SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF THE PAIN?!"


And Lindsey Graham cried and maybe wet himself a bit.




The wrestler started slapping the senator and shaking him.




By this point the senator could only make muffled choking sounds.




The wrestler pulled out a syringe and a cotton pad swabbed in rubbing alcohol.




Trump just sat silently for this entire episode, smirking above steepled fingers.


In ancient cultures, a young boy would be given a puppy to raise and care for. And when the boy was ready to become a warrior and a man, he’d be forced to kill the puppy.


Trump will have Lindsay Graham strangle Jeff Flake to prove that he is ready to enter manhood.

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Since I had to dig it up for another conversation, here's a WaPo article to throw in the face of anyone who insinuates the Maryland police are in a position to do much of anything on any of the Kavanaugh allegations


And even if an accuser went to the local department, the statute of limitations for pursuing the crimes as described in Thursday’s dramatic Senate Judiciary Committee hearing appears to have long since passed.

The most serious crime that authorities could pursue, given the sworn testimony provided by Ford, would be attempted rape. But that was considered a misdemeanor crime in Maryland in 1982, which would be the relevant legal application. As a misdemeanor, it carried a one-year statute of limitations, meaning charges would have had to have been filed within a year after an incident, according to John McCarthy, Montgomery County’s longtime chief prosecutor; Lisae C. Jordan, the executive director and counsel for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault; and other longtime Maryland attorneys interviewed in recent days.
The Maryland legislature changed the law in 1996, making attempted rape a felony and removing the statute of limitations, according to McCarthy and Jordan.

“But we’d have to apply the law as it existed at the time of the allegations,” McCarthy said.

Other possible charges, such as second-degree assault, remain misdemeanor offenses in Maryland, subject to a one-year statute of limitations, McCarthy said.


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24 minutes ago, Sturgeon said:

The fucking Democrats in this hearing are driving me crazy. Beyond the "oh so brave" BS, they keep claiming Ford is credible because her story is inconsistent, full of holes, and nonsensical.


After visiting an older CNN watching relative today and hearing her hot take that she now believes Ford because "Brett doth protest too much", I started thinking more about the arguments and statements of the hearing and am now even more baffled that anyone can take her seriously. I thought back and realized that every single democrat spent at least half their time reiterating over and over again how brave and stunning Ford was. Then making big emotioned statements about how "you being here testifying is all the proof of these allegations that we need". It was a trash fire from a logical perspective. 


Also, I believe you mentioned something about Ford's body language? I'm about to watch this video since it got posted in another forum. I'll post it here too.



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