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Post Election Thread: Democracy Dies In Darkness And You Can Help


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22 hours ago, Donward said:

Democrat Party: Why did 6.7 to 9.2 million Americans who voted for Obama suddenly decide to vote for Trump?






Are they still salty after 2 years? Damn, grow some thicker skin. 


18 hours ago, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

Had a friend of mine on the Facespace post this. "This is how people outside of the US view us!"




Fucking LAWL.


Looks like the fascist, state sponsored media is doing its job! 


Out of curiosity, where are they coming from? She said her white husband had some color to him, so Italy or Spain, maybe Australia? 

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Overlawyered: Chronicling The High Cost Of Our Legal System

18,000 Facebook shares later: a tale of legal misinformation

How efficient is social media in spreading viral-junk misinformation about the law? Well, the following post about Tuesday’s two-page Supreme Court ruling in Brakebill v. Jaeger, a case about voting procedures in North Dakota, has gotten more than 18,000 shares as of this morning:

screen capture of Facebook post
Let’s take a look at its errors, or at least the first four biggies:


1. Brakebill was not Justice Kavanaugh’s first ruling. If you so much as glance at the Court’s opinion, it’s hard to miss its second sentence: “JUSTICE KAVANAUGH took no part in the consideration or decision of this application.”


2. There is no indication that the vote was 5 to 4. Liberal Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer did not join the dissent.*


3. Justice Ginsburg’s dissent contains no language even remotely like that put within quotation marks here. Her tone is technical rather than indignant, and she does not challenge anyone’s motives as illegitimate.


4. The Court did not issue a decision upholding the laws. It was a denial of an application to vacate a stay, not a ruling on the merits.

And we haven’t even gotten to the merits! Three and a half days after posting, its author has not seen fit to correct any of his errors.

Here’s a rule of thumb about social media: the more anger, the less accuracy. More on viral junk and thinking before you share here.


* A reader on Twitter points out that in the absence of a signed majority opinion, we can’t know for sure that the vote against vacating the stay necessarily came out 6-2; we know only that if there were other Justices who wanted to vacate the stay, they declined to join the Ginsburg-Kagan dissent. I’ve corrected the text above accordingly.


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  • By Walter Olson
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3 hours ago, Ramlaen said:


Prediction: The Left and the media already know the Mueller/Russian Collusion investigation is a dud.

Which is why they are pushing the narrative so hard of the Saudi “journalist” murder in an attempt to prove Saudi/Trump Collusion. 

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On 10/18/2018 at 5:45 PM, Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect said:

Had a friend of mine on the Facespace post this. "This is how people outside of the US view us!"




Fucking LAWL.

Dear easily frightened person.


Nobody gives a fuck. 

In much of the U.S. you could paint yourself blue, wear a loincloth and march down the sidewalk playing "Scotland The Brave" on a kazoo, and most people would not give a fuck.

Much of what you see on the news regarding the U.S. (or anywhere) is garbage meant to make you afraid and easily manipulated.

As you have been.


Nobody is going to beat you with a shoe because you look like you have an arab (likely to be taken as "mexican" or "cuban" in Orlando) hubby, nor are people going to insist you sit in the back of the bus.


Quit believing the bullshit and  try to enjoy yourself, for fuck's sake.

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Pero mi ola azul!!!




In an October 16 poll, the groups found that 55 percent of Latino voters haven’t experienced any form of election outreach from Democrats or Republicans. Voters indicated that they hadn’t yet been contacted by a political party, campaign, or community organization about voting across multiple platforms including phone, mail, and email.

At the same time in the 2016 election, almost the exact same proportion of Latino voters also said that they hadn’t received any outreach. An October 17, 2016, poll found that 56 percent of Latino voters had not heard from either political party as the election was approaching.

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I like how Five Turdy Ate weighs polls, artificially inflating or deflating their value, based on their FEELZ or when a result doesn't fit their pre-conceived notion.


I also like how they'll change their polling based on irrelevant information, such as using fund-raising totals to gin up their numbers or generic nation-wide polls to predict local races.


I also like how Silver will factor in races that haven't even had polling done, making a wild-assed guess, and then filtering that info into a generic polls, which is then used to massage numbers in races that have had polling to make a "prediction".

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And meanwhile, the crowd-size of political rallies has ZERO statistical interest to pollsters cuz "Elections aren't won by campaign rallies", dontcha know?




President Donald Trump’s supporters began lining up and camping out 24 hours before Monday’s rally in Houston, Texas, which has received at least 100,000 signups for the 18,000-person venue.


And this is in HOUSTON, not exactly the reddest part of the Lonestar State. 

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And talking about Five Turdy Ate's propensity to weigh polls differently based on jack-shit and their FEELZ, get a load of this.




As for the SEA poll: You should generally be skeptical of partisan polls, but I’d take this one at least somewhat seriously. The poll, which found Gillum ahead by 6 percentage points, showed Republican Rick Scott leading Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida’s Senate race. So SEA is not just churning out numbers favorable to Democratic candidates. FiveThirtyEight rates SEA as a fairly decent pollster, with a B- rating. And Gillum’s margin in the SEA poll is generally in line with what other firms have found. In other words, it’s not a crazy result.


Oh, well. That makes sense. A partisan polling firm should get a B- and... then WHY in God's cock to FiveTurdyAte weigh Rasmussen which actually got the 2016 election right, a C+???




Because it's just making shit up as it goes along. 

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48 minutes ago, ShamefurDispray said:

How does CNN not know that is just a clock with duct tape wrapped around it?


I’m slightly surprised they’re not trying to spin this off as: 


“it’s not a bomb! It’s just a harmless (insert random object) from some of our more outgoing Muslim viewers! Nothing to see here.” 

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      Like I said a couple days ago actually, I said I thought it was very likely that Ma Ying-Jeou would lose the next election as he and his administration are very unpopular, and I guess it turned out to be true, also, aside from being the first female president, She's also the second candidate to win under the Democratic Progressive Party as opposed to the more traditonal Kuomintang which has held it for 5 (arguably 6) terms. and her party has also won a majority in the legislative Yuan, which is actually a pretty significant swing.
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