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Jeb Bush  

So DNC, sure was a good idea to back Clinton over Sanders, eh? Clinton is just so much more electable.

[get prepped for some ramblings]    I get more depressed than scared.    Her voting record as a senator isn't good at all(in my opinion) with votes for the Iraq War(and not apologizing for it till

One of the pleasant side-effects of Trump's rise to power is that crybaby Glen Beck's media empire has collapsed into Cheetos dust covered shambles.


Per Politico.




Couldn't happen to a more deserving individual. 

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Holy shit are you people fucking serious?


Trump is a racist nazi and is sub-human trash :^)


Seeing as this is the same site that posted an article titled "If You Don’t Vote Democrat This November, Then Fuck You", I can't say that I'm too surprised.  I still wonder if they can see the irony in themselves, though probably not.

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Shocking. A guy that has been in the public spotlight for four decades acts like a personable and gregarious human being when on an interview format.

Are liberals somehow expecting Trump to foam at the mouth and rant about exterminating Jews, Muslims, blacks and gays?

Did they expect Jimmy Fallon to be the one to goad Trump into a tantrum? Have they ever WATCHED Fallon? That's not exactly his forte.

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The fact that this theory actually seems plausible says a lot about how I feel about this election.



Original video:

There does seem to be something weird about the phones, but I think it's probably a perspective issue. I don't doubt that Hillary would stoop so low as to stage a rally, but she probably has enough money to actually hire people to be present in the crowd.



Neat video showing how they used camera angles to make the venue look more packed:

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My guess is that forced perspective shenanigans and other methods of making rallies look more packed than they really are have been commonplace for years, but that this election has received more scrutiny.  A disinterested but diligent historian will likely find all sorts of trickery from previous cycles that nobody really cared about.  How much of the shit that Kennedy was doing was readily apparent at the time?


And now the paranoid part of my mind wonders if Trump's people deliberately choose rally venues that are too small for the likely turnout.  Every picture I've seen looks completely packed, and there was the to-do about bitching out the Colorado Springs fire marshal.


But given how little advance notice Trump gives of his rallies, this basically positing that he has superhuman ability to determine exactly how many supporters he has in a given area, and a superhuman ability to book a slightly-too-small venue only days ahead of time.  Which seems... well, I wouldn't rule it out; the guy probably can see into the future.  The orange skin, limited precognition, the weird hair and the unnatural vigor for a seventy year old are all side effects of the geriatric drug he's taking.

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