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Jeb Bush  

So DNC, sure was a good idea to back Clinton over Sanders, eh? Clinton is just so much more electable.

[get prepped for some ramblings]    I get more depressed than scared.    Her voting record as a senator isn't good at all(in my opinion) with votes for the Iraq War(and not apologizing for it till

It was the Bush family. Billy Bush, whom Trump was yakking with is like a cousin of W or something. And yes the Bushes are pissed JEB! was scorned like a common harlot by GOP voters.
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Sargon does a pretty good job in this video going over why Clinton is basically the Antichrist, in an uncool, corporate kind of way:


I guess the bright side is, Russia can donate 10 million to her foundation, and she'll back off in Syria. Then China can pay her a big bribe, er I mean give money to her foundation, or hire Bill for 100 speeches, we will back off and let them build their little islands. 


The world will be perfectly peaceful!

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Again. The issue with polling is that they usually solely rely on "likely voters". Donald Trump has been actively courting unlikely voters, people who have never voted or - in the case of many black Trump supporters - those who are usually weighted in traditional polling methodology as likely to vote for Democrats. 


When the polling doesn't jive with the eyeball, I doubt the former.

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Oh, and in my state, Hillary is polling below 50 percent in most polls that I've seen in left-wing Washington. The latest Emerson poll of 700 voters has her at 44 percent to Trump's 38 percent. That is horrendous for Clinton. 




Normally a Democrat candidate in the Evergreen State will be in the mid-fifties at this point of the race.


Oh, and my state also had a record in voter registration the day after the Debate on Sunday. Make of that what you will.

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The NBC/WSJ poll(s) with Hillary in double digit leads.



OCTOBER 2016 NBC News/Wall Street Journal



Priorities USA Action is the largest Democratic Party super PAC. Founded in 2011, it supported Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. It is the primary super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. It is focused mainly on high-dollar donors. As of September 2016, it had amassed $132 million in support of Clinton. The top six donors to the super PAC have given $43.5 million, which is a third of the money collected by Priorities USA Action in the 2016 election cycle.[1] The super PAC raised $21.7 million in August 2016, marking its largest monthly fundraising haul.[1]

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We hope the excerpts are genuine, because at least in the texts made public as of Monday, the Hillary Clinton that emerges is a knowledgeable, balanced political veteran with sound policy instincts and a mature sense of how to sustain a decent, stable democracy.

A lot of media outlets seem to be trying their hardest to bury the Podesta leaks.  Contrary to the Washington Post's silly claim, I don't think I could call any of this something I'd be proud of.


HRC and crew knowing since at least 2014 that Qatar and Saudi Arabia fund and supply ISIS.  They talk about how they need to pressure those countries on the issue, but we see how well that's worked out.
Hillary campaign getting fed a debate question in advance of CNN Town Hall Debate with Bernie
1 2
CNBC Host and GoP debate moderator John Harwood being awfully friendly to Hillary and friends

HuffPost/TheHill writer coordinating a lot with Podesta.  There were more, but too lazy to find them and the point is made anyways.
Warning Clinton crew of someone having sent questions to the  Attorney General about the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

Letting Podesta know that the news broke about Uranium One
Not wikileaks, but oh well
Podesta on his thoughts with the Clinton Foundation scandal stuff in 2015
On Hillary deleting her emails
What the Podesta family planned for dinner September 14th last year
Bonus content:

Additional Bonus Content:

/pol/ got into his twitter account today, as well as his Apple and Vamoose (a bus service) accounts.
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"We hope the excerpts are genuine, because at least in the texts made public as of Monday, the Hillary Clinton that emerges is a knowledgeable, balanced political veteran with sound policy instincts and a mature sense of how to sustain a decent, stable democracy."

That's a funny way to spin it.

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At this point our only hope is to have Gary "Bake the Aleppo Cake" Johnson create an electoral stagnant and open up the possibility neither candidate will win. 


I'm betting on Trump being Hillary's Manchurian Candidate as well,  we will see. 

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They are right about the presidency being demanding for this reason. Makes you wonder why on earth we choose this person democratically...

They neglected the bit about how Hillary shouldn't be in charge of launch codes because she hates Russia, though.

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