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Jeb Bush  

So DNC, sure was a good idea to back Clinton over Sanders, eh? Clinton is just so much more electable.

[get prepped for some ramblings]    I get more depressed than scared.    Her voting record as a senator isn't good at all(in my opinion) with votes for the Iraq War(and not apologizing for it till

I get to enjoy moving back to Seoul for the next 4 years. 

About what I figured.


Things I am kinda hoping for with a Trump presidency.


1. An accommodation with Russia over the middle east, especially Syria. Hillary/Obama's policies have not been working there. Leave Syria to the Russians and focus on ISIS/Iraq.


2. Term limits/lobbying policies moving forward.  This is actually one of his policy positions I agree with but I don't think he'll get it past Congresscritters.


3. Getting the GOP to actually do work. House and Senate are yours.  No more excuses. Let's see some legislation passed.


4. TPP Killed.

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