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Al-Mukowama aka Hezbollah information thread: only arab (not really arab) army (not really an army) that knows how to fight.

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Well, looking at amount of info that i can get about Al-Mukowama, i decided to make a separate thread about them where we (or just me) will collect information about Al-Mukowama aka Hezbollah aka Isla

Current conflicts where Al-Mukowama is involved (Syria). [WIP]   Intervention        The first information about the presence of "Hezbollah" in Syria appeared in the media in the second half of

Small update in general info. If you have more or correction - feel free to post.




Emblem of "Military Resuscitation"




Quseir, 2013. Gear is still army models, a medical backpack in the foreground. The first photo is probably the military doctor of the Resistance, and the second, judging by the 2013 sleeve characteristic of the arm, is an employee of the Military Resuscitation Department.




Arsal, 2017. Medical carrier of the 1st type (started to appear from the end of 2013) with 2 first-aid kits and 2 magazine pouches.


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On January 24, 2020, a military adviser of the Islamic Resistance forces perished on the territory of the SAR:

- Jafar al-Sadyk Hussein Harb (Muhammad Hassan) from Haruf, Nabatiy district in Nabatiy.








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   It appears that Lebanese Al-Muqowama participates in Syrian operations near Maraat Al-Numan and/or Aleppo.




On January 29, 2020, a Lebanese Resistance soldier died in battles on the territory of the SAR:



- Abbas Younis Jafar from Al-Midan - Kalat al-Saab, Baalbek district in Baalbek-Hermel.



On January 29, 2020, on the territory of the SAR, 2 servicemen of the Islamic Resistance forces were killed:






- Sayyid Ammar Darwish (Badr) from Shukin, Marge Ayun district in Nabatiy.
- Abbas Taha from Baalbek to Baalbek-Hermel.

The circumstances of the death are not reported.


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14 hours ago, Beer said:

Hezbollah and Fatemiyoun units have been present in southern Aleppo for years. I don't think they fight around Maraat al Numan. 

   Hezbollah wasn't active in Aleppo for about 3 years. In those 3 years they had 2 casualties (bulldozer operator in march of 2017 and one in may of 2019). Here we have 4 dead in less than a week. Casualties are very much synchronized with SAA activity in the area.

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19 hours ago, LoooSeR said:

   Hezbollah wasn't active in Aleppo for about 3 years. In those 3 years they had 2 casualties (bulldozer operator in march of 2017 and one in may of 2019). Here we have 4 dead in less than a week. Casualties are very much synchronized with SAA activity in the area.


Yes, but on Aleppo front, not on Maarat al Numan front. 


By the way here You can see a soldier looking like Hezbollah one on Khan Touman front (first photo with RPG round in the backpack).


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   From otvaga about those photos:









Militias, judging by uniforms and wretched "bras", I would have written them in Fatimiun. Although Yuri Lyamin think will say more precisely.



/.../an interesting dude in what looks like Iranian armor and with an ancient “efod”. Not sure who, maybe a "top" Syrian militia from the "Forces of Imam Reza", or an Iranian adviser.

   Guy with RPG was in a number of resources as written as Lebanese, but this is not so: an armor with slings and a helmet cover give out more likely Iranian production. The only thing that bothers me is that he is wearing the “efod” of Lebanese tailoring. Well, maybe as an option, only armor was given out to this Iranian and pouches were forgotten.




Yes, you’re right, they look like Iranian wards, perhaps from the local defense forces or Fatimiyun created by the Iranians and quite numerous just under Aleppo, well, and probably an Iranian adviser, who are definitely there with them.


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On the night of February 28-29, in fulfillment of their allied duty on the territory of the SAR, 4 fighters of the Islamic Resistance were killed:

- Ali Issa Qasim from Meydun, West Bekaa district in Bekaa.
- Muhammad Jamal Tarshish from Nasiria, Zahle district in Bekaa.
- Issa Ali al-Burji from Markaba, Marge Ayun district in Nabatiyah.
- Seyyed Ali al-Zanjani from Deir Kanun al-Nahra, the Tire region in southern Lebanon, of Iranian origin.

The place of death is western Aleppo.

   One of claimed theories is that they were killed during artillery strikes against SAA positions.











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February 29, from the wounds received during the shelling of the positions of the SAA in western Aleppo, 4 fighters of the Resistance died:

- Ahmad Ali Abu Hader (Sajid) from Maalagi, Zahle district in Bekaa.
- Ahmad Fayad Mustafa (Abu Muhammad) from Libbay, West Bekaa district in Bekaa.
- Talal Adele Hamza (Abu Maryam) from Meshan, Jbail district in Mountain Lebanon.
- Mahmoud Adnan Hamid (Zulfikar) from the Gobeiri district in Beirut.











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