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So yeah, maybe I gonna show here some of the more recent development. Let's start with our latest projects, the MSBS and PR-15.

MSBS (Modułowy System Broni Strzeleckiej - Modular Small Arms System) as it's codename says is program focused on developing new family of modular small arms for military, law enforcement and civilian use.

The first variant is developed for NATO 5.56x45mm cartridge.

What is interesting is that MSBS is based on a single, common upper receiver to which various modules can be attached thus creating several weapons types in both classic and bullpup configuration.



1. From top to bottom in classic configuration.
- Carbine

- Rifle

- Rifle + under barrel granade launcher

- Magazine fed LMG

- Marksman rifle

- Ceremonial rifle

2. From top to bottom in bullpup configuration.
- Carbine

- Rifle

- Rifle + under barrel granade launcher

- Magazine fed LMG

- Marksman rifle


Also MSBS for 7.62x51mm cartridge is being in development, both as marksman rifle to replace the SVD, and also as a battle rifle.


MSBS was also adopted for 7.62x39mm cartridge seen here compared to 5.56x45mm variant.


Also a 12 gauge shotgun variant is considered and seems to be in early development stage.

Worth to mention is that also a 40mm UBGL was redesigned.


Original design was replaced with new, more classic and more compact one.


Also older GPBO-40 and other types of UBGL can be used.


Here is episode of Our Army where we can see a great presentation of MSBS ergonomics and functionality. It starts at 3:20.

Few words of my own experience with the rifle, it's a bit heavier than standard wz.96 Beryl rifle I am now issued with as a reservist in the army, however MSBS is extremely ergonomic, in terms of ergonomy it's better than AR15 or G36 I also had chance to get some time with.

Also during last MSPO I talked with one of the FB engineers working on the project and it seems everything is going well, rifle meet and as I was said even exceeded reliability requirements.

MSBS will also receive new magazines despite a fact it can use standard STANAG mags.


A standard 30 round magazine.


10 round magazine.


Special magazine for blanks only for use in ceremonial rifle variant.

Another new weapon designed by Fabryka Broni is new service pistol PR-15 it's general design can be called evolution of MAG-95/98 pistol, also designed by Fabryka Broni, it's fully ambidextreous, and is a really nice pistol, also had it in my hands during last MSPO and it feels good, very ergonomic.


That's all for now.

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8 hours ago, Belesarius said:

I love the look of the MSBS bullpup carbine for some goofy reason.  It's very futuristic looking.


It's extremely ergonomic for a bullpup, altough I was trained with classic configuration weapons in the army, and I found it in the first place a bit awkward to handle... training needed I guess. ;)

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Ok so now about something older.

Currently the basic carbine is wz.1996 Beryl in various versions.


This is wz.96A a basic variant and my currently issued weapon as a soldier of National Reserve Forces, it's a pretty nice weapon compared to AKMS I had during my basic course, I like it's stock, much better than AKMS stock, new fire mode selector is a good thing, at least for people with right hand being their dominant one.


This is wz.96B, a very rare model, that was designed during our mission in Iraq if I am not mistaken, never actually seen them in person, it was first attempt to integrate Beryl with picatinny rails.


And this is newest wz.96C (also known as wz.2004), it uses new hand guard with integral picatinny rails, new stock with adjustable lenght, interesting thing is that primary picatinny rail is detachable from upper receiver.


This is wz.96C Mini Beryl, sub carbine version for vehicle crews, and soldiers that need a lighter and more compact weapon.


And this is experimental variant called sometimes wz.96D, it have new iron sights attached to picatinny rails, primary rail is now integral part of upper receiver, also it have new magazine well that can use standard STANAG mags. Upper receiver cover is also now on a hinges.



Beryl M762 for 7,62x39mm ammo, currently purchased by Nigeria.


Comparision of 3 variants of Beryl, from top wz.96C, M545 for 5,45x39mm, M762 for 7,62x39mm.

Also it's worth to watch some more videos from FB.


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