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Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

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Nets or metal fragments:

  • Directed Shot-type countermeasure munitions (like Trophy).
  • Rocket-Towed Barrier countermeasure munitions. The promise of this technology is the ability to defeat simultaneous incoming threats without any potential for local fratricide.


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Drozd APS on T-55AD, scans of manual. Source.    Drozd system detection zone (D0), tracking zone (Ds) and interception zone(Dp). D0 - 130 m, Ds - 40m and Dp - 6.6m. Each 20 degress sector is


From 20:00 shows different APS systems. From 21:00 - Drozd. 22:45 - Arena.      APS system from 1960s, placed on T-55.        Arena was designed for T-80U. Ar

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The big radars infront of the turret frontal armour are the first thing to be hit by whatever shoots on the tank. Even the turret rotation among bushes or in any tight environment can damage them because they move at very wide circle. Don't know if it can be solved in a different way with Leo II, but I feel like in a real combat environment they will be damaged or destroyed pretty quickly just like similarly placed IR searchlights usually were. 

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