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    • By Belesarius
      We've had some discussion on this on the dicksword over the past couple of day, but we don't have a thread for discussion here. As this has the potential to get really nasty, I figure we should have a separate thread for it.
      Anyhow, one very odd one from twitter.
      Kashmir Intel
      BREAKING: Indian Air Force’s wing commander Arvind Sinha committed suicide by shooting himself with a double barrel gun in his residential quarters at the Air Force colony in Allahabad, north #India
    • By Collimatrix
      If you're interested in speculation on high-level, Machiavellian international maneuvering, I highly recommend the China Matters blog.  The post linked is one concerning Narendra Modi, the new Indian head of state.
      The long and short of it is that Narendra Modi is either a Hindu nationalist, or at least a fellow traveler.  In my completely objective and unbiased assessment, Hindu nationalists are a bunch of creepy fascist assholes.
      The China Matters author isn't the only author with this opinion; see for example this piece from The Economist pre-election, which states that remaining with the checkered, corrupt, but decidedly not-fascist establishment is the safer choice for India, and this post-election analysis of one of his speeches made in the US.  Times of India gets in on the action too, continuing the theme of "dog-whistle politics" in Modi's speeches.
      Naturally, the leadership of the United States is pleased as pie to be hanging out with this guy who is, if quite some distance from being literally Hitler, definitely a very shifty character.
      (Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is excoriating the ugliness of racial prejudice vis a vis the Ferguson riots.  This is proof that politicians are not actually people and cannot self-reflect.)
      Why on earth would the liberal US countenance such a man, much less trumpet his legitimacy?
      Because China.  The US needs India, even India under dubious leadership, in its hastily-assembled counter-China Pacific Alliance.  Whether this will work, and how the US will reconcile this with its existing alliance with Pakistan, remains to be seen.
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