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DRDO; India's Porsche


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On 11/22/2022 at 5:40 AM, mr.T said:

Not particularly well armored  , STANAG 2 is AK47 AP round , and level 4  is  14.5x114  , and its kinda unusial in using a 105mm gun and atgm  externaly mounted.


''The tank would feature all round STANAG Level 2 protection with add-on armour taking it to STANAG Level 4 in the front.''







The typo in the display card really screams “professional” 

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The DRDO Light Tank will weigh about 25 tons and have a crew of three. The tank is planned to sport a 105mm rifled bore gun. This will be capable of firing FSAPDS rounds with 500mm of penetration, HEAT, HESH and ATGMs among others. The planned gun elevation is between -10° and +42° controlled by an electrically powered gun control system. An autoloader will be provided for the main gun.

Secondary armament includes a 7.62mm coaxial gun and a 12.7mm RCWS. Surveillance drones will be integrated with the tank. A diesel engine would be provided which DRDO claims would provide up to 32hp/ton at sea level. The amphibious tank can ford depths of 1.5m. The tank can attain a maximum speed of over 65kmph and will use rubber tracks. 



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