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    • By Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect
      After seeing the rampant crack down on speech in the UK, I decided that more should be done than just Thoughts and Prayers. 
      I know that it's a scary time for our UK members. Knowing that what you say on the internet can put you on the wrong side of a Bobby's nightstick, well, I find that despicable. 
      So I've created this place for all your impure or degenerate thoughts. Here's how it works. 
      Perhaps you want to say something "offensive". Instead of saying it yourself, you can message any US member of this forum and have them act as your avatar of avarice. 
      For example, say you had a particularly heinous fish and chips at the local pub. You may want to say, "Oi, that cheeky fucker Barnaby William can't do a proper chip if he had a fryer for hands!"
      This on it's own could send you straight to jail for defamation. Moreso, if instead of chips that sent you reeling it happened to be a kebab from Omar down the street. 
      Now your crime has gone from offensive to racially insensitive!
      Anytime such an urge comes along, call on your ex colonial friends. We will translate and post your complaint for all the world to revel in, free of charge!
      I personally think Omar should learn to pull the fucking kebab off heat before it's crisper than his wife's crotch and blacker than his beard. That tosser!
      See? Don't you feel better? And now, no one will be knocking on your door, serving you with a summons for being a racist git. 
    • By LostCosmonaut
      A thread to discuss all BFR related topics, as it continues in development.
      Quick summary as of September 2018;
      Raptor engine in testing Manufacture of rocket has begun Initial suborbital tests planned for 2019 Japanese dude / art project planned for free return trajectory around moon in ~2023
    • By Serge
      I propose a new topic to regroup information about French AFVs.
      Days after days, information is overwhelmed under the inflow of photos about anything and everything.
      It can be interesting to try to have dedicated topics to ease the quality of exchanges. 
      So, if you have already posted interesting photos, documentations and view about French AFVs, you can quote them here. 
    • By T___A
      Might as well make a new thread now that the election is over.
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