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TIL the Steyr AUG was an ugly caterpillar before metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly.

I learned that Yorktown seems to basically just have been the US' best fleet carrier up till Midway, it's not just a combat experience from Coral Sea thing like Shattered Sword claims. They were the o

Be careful, you'll turn T___A on talking like that.

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Loans in butter were acceptable in 16th century Europe;


European history provides examples of international lending in commodities to add verisimilitude to theoretical discourse. In the 1520s Lubeck made loans to Sweden in kind, that is, in goods, and in the 1550s King Gustav Vasa made loans in both money and goods (Heckscher, 1931 [1953], pp. 213-14). The 1520s loans were repaid, as well as made, in kind, and in consumption goods including, in 1532, butter. A payment due in 1527 was postponed, as it happened, because the food gathered for the purpose in Stockholm was suspected of having become tainted (ibid.).
(A Financial History of Western Europe, pg. 260) 
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Jamaicans do in fact make cheese. To the point where a New Jersey teen stole $160,000 worth of the stuff.




And the company which manufacturers the cheese has an unfortunate advertising campaign as illustrated by a Google image search.



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