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Today I learned that Carl Bachle, the brains behind Continental Motors had some patents on free piston engines, including designs that allowed for better fuel economy at idle by either changing the stroke of the piston, or changing the mass of the piston by filling it with liquid.  Free piston engines are weird.



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TIL of a convincing argument that blackberries/brambles are a carnivorous plant.


-they are notorious for catching sheep in their thorns

-when caught, sheep will stand/sit until they die or are freed

-being curved, blackberry thorns allow sheep to get in deeper but not escape

-why would defensive thorns try to hold onto a thrashing animal

-a dead sheep is a treasure trove of nutrients for the blackberry

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Today I learned that David Duke once authored a book under a female pseudonym on sex and relationship advice.  


From Wikipedia:


To raise money in 1976, Duke (using the double pseudonym "Dorothy Vanderbilt" and "James Konrad") wrote a self-help book for women, Finders-Keepers: Finding and Keeping the Man You Want, which contains sexual, diet, fashion, cosmetic and relationship advice, and was published by the now defunct Arlington Place Books. Tulane University history professor Lawrence N. Powell, who read a rare copy of the book given to him by journalist Patsy Sims, wrote that it includes advice on vaginal exercises, fellatio, and anal sex.[128][129][130] The book is out of print and difficult to find; however, according to journalist Tyler Bridges, The Times-Picayune obtained a copy and traced its provenance to Duke,[131] who compiled the content from women's self-help magazines.[11]

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2 hours ago, T___A said:

That the most common issued weapon of the Volkssturm was the Carcano.

Oh really?


No doubt because the Krauts disarmed their erstwhile allies after the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943 and having several rifles sitting around.

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TIL about the Ugandan-Tanzanian War of 1978/9 including this on Libyan airstrikes on Tanzania*:


Late on 1 April, a LAAF Tu-22 bomber, which approached at low altitude over Lake Victoria, attempted to hit the fuel depot at Mwanza. The bombs missed not only all of their targets but the entire city, and landed in a nearby game reserve, injuring one person and killing six antelope and several birds. Similarly, another attack by Tu-22s against one of the Tanzanian bases south of the border ended with Libyan bombs landing near Nyarubanga - inside Burundi. 


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I learned My arthritis has progressed into my shoulders and arms.

My blood pressure is "Dear god, your blood type is "Low sulphur crude".".

Asking the VA for a non narcotic painkiller is like asking a street dealer for "Some weed that just smells a bit, but won't get me high,thanks"..

My headaches, occasional loss of vision in my left eye (and urge to turn the keys) is based on stress, and not my blood pressure or level of fitness.  (I can still lift absurd amounts, even with half a bicep on my left arm,and outwork the swarm of 19 year olds here.  Growing up heating with wood, I choose you!).


I also learned I need to "seriously apply for SSI", since if I keep working it "may " kill me.  


Yeah,fuck that. 


All my grandparents had high blood pressure, smoked and drank like mad, and the youngest died at 93, trying to lift a 440 Chrysler block while sauced on Irish Whiskey..


I'd be happy to appear before St Pete in such a state. 





Also, If I ever fucking die, and one of yo reprobates finds my festering corpse. Besides feeding my cats and amusing them with bagpipe music, ALL my books, Manuals, Magazines, etc. go to "Canham and Sons" In Wickenburg Az.  They will know what to do with them. 


My absurd gun and ammo collection goes to cousins, nieces and nephews.  As well as all the "shit that goes boom" as far as the law allows.


That includes my collection of gravity knives, you swine...


I've left a note that whatever they;ve no interest in "Which should be the vast majority of my gun collection" should  be sold and/or donated to this board. 


Oh, that includes the ammo. All ~40,000 rounds of ammo worth.  Whatever they don't want , y'all get.  May only be ~ 20 rounds of maypops, but do enjoy.





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