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6 hours ago, Collimatrix said:


Then there's the issue of yaw control.  Flying wings don't have a great way of doing this, although this new research suggests that their need for yaw control could be greatly reduced.


The boring practical issue with no yaw control (for me, at least) is that your landing approach becomes an all-or-nothing affair. Better hope your approach is perfect or you get to play a rousing game of dip the wing into the tarmac.


For most other purposes bank-and-yank seems to work fine for me. 

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TIL the Steyr AUG was an ugly caterpillar before metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly.

I learned that Yorktown seems to basically just have been the US' best fleet carrier up till Midway, it's not just a combat experience from Coral Sea thing like Shattered Sword claims. They were the o

Be careful, you'll turn T___A on talking like that.

Using the LDS's family program, I have found 3 ancestors who fought in the Civil War, 2 Confederate and one Union (all on the same side of the family, interestingly.)


also, TIL that programs like Ancestry are borderline scams because they get lots of their information from the LDS database, which is free to access, but then turn around and charge for it.

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6 minutes ago, Donward said:


Seems like there are too many ways to rig the outcome imho.  

Rules of competition:

  • It's strictly forbidden to try to influence the number by coming to Finland and drown or drown other people. If the winner has drowned in Finland or stands suspected for drowning someone in Finland, we'll select another. Self-drowning or drowning somebody in some other country does not affect the outcome.

Edit: I hope this rule was added because someone tried it.

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On 6/20/2018 at 3:51 PM, Mogensthegreat said:

TIL Finnish people bet on how many will drown over Midsummer weekend:





From a country that has folk songs about knife fighting, this doesn't surprise me at all.


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4 minutes ago, Lord_James said:


I would like a good laugh, is there a source for this? 


Oh, you mean the Nazis.



Controversial “one-drop” rules stipulated that anyone with any black ancestry was legally black and could not marry a white person. Laws also defined what made a person Asian or Native American, in order to prevent these groups from marrying whites (notably, Virginia had a “Pocahontas Exception” for prominent white families who claimed to be descended from Pocahontas).

The Nuremberg Laws, too, came up with a system of determining who belonged to what group, allowing the Nazis to criminalize marriage and sex between Jewish and Aryan people. Rather than adopting a “one-drop rule,” the Nazis decreed that a Jewish person was anyone who had three or more Jewish grandparents.



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1 minute ago, Sturgeon said:


Oh, you mean the Nazis.


Actually no, I meant the Democrats. If that claim is true (and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was), I would personally find it humorous for its blatant hypocrisy. 


And I did just read about the Warren, Indian thing on the “democracy dies” thread: lol that’s rich. 

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