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TIL the Steyr AUG was an ugly caterpillar before metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly.

I learned that Yorktown seems to basically just have been the US' best fleet carrier up till Midway, it's not just a combat experience from Coral Sea thing like Shattered Sword claims. They were the o

Be careful, you'll turn T___A on talking like that.

That was legit cool.

Thank you for this.


I am confused though: is the idea that what's going on in people's heads just isn't that important in the grand scheme of things really that mind-blowing for a lot of folk out there? Because from the standpoint of a biologist the good doctor's basic argument is almost passé.

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I have always maintained that the best human performances closely resemble that of machines. Watch a master violinist, and observe how their movements are precise, flawless, deliberate.

But I'm wrong. Machines do not do as well as humans do. However, the height of human aspiration in movement and that of machines is the same. Again, precise, flawless, deliberate.

H.s naturally is attracted to movements that approach the height of capability, which means all three of the above. Dancing, playing an instrument, and other types of performance art are all evaluated in this way. That is how we know a good dancer from a shit one, even if styles differ.

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TIL The handgun George Zimmerman used in his infamous self-defense shooting was a Kel Tec PF-9. And it jammed after firing one shot.


Thats oviously a Fox News stupidhead lie don, John Oliver cleary stated that the victim was riddled with 50 caliber shells from Zimmermans after market Yak-B that he won in his local KKK raffle 

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