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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

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Update when things got clearer. Three victims died, two males and one female. Fifteen people were seriously injured including one policeman. One perpetrator shot and killed by the police. He was armed with assault rifle, several handguns and dummy explosive belt. The terrorist was North Macedonian born in Vienna and an IS sympathizer. He was sentenced last April for an attemp to join ISIS but he was released from jail in December. Other possible attackers are being searcherd for. 


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On this day, 15 years ago.                Leonid Rashal (very well known doctor) in Beslan, Sept 1st/2nd.      Ruslan Aushe

From David M. Fortier   According to initial reports the gunman drove to the store across from the church and exited his vehicle. He was dressed in all black, with face mask and wearing a ba

Well, we know one thing, if this guy had even thought about voting for Trump it would be the only goddamn thing on the news.

6 hours ago, Beer said:

Three victims died, two males and one female.

Sadly, meanwhile a 4th victim died... RIP. :( 

Its tragic. Not just the death of innocents. Also because meanwhile, the V4 countries, but especially Hungary and Poland are STILL the "bad guys", "pariahs", because we didnt accept any of these so called "highly qualified workers" or "refugees" from the middle east and africa. We didnt have any terror attacks since this madness began in 2014-15. Wonder why... Western europeans should realize that it is practically impossible to integrate these people into european societies. And vote accordingly in the next elections. (although I fear its too late for some countries, including Austria) But sadly, they still elect far leftist parties that promote migration... This is the tragedy of whole western europe. 

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   Special forces officers during the liquidation of the last of the gang members Aslan Byutukaev in Ingushetia.


   The car where Magomed Kodzoev was sitting was stopped on the road. He put up armed resistance and was destroyed. The rest of the members of Byutukaev's gang were liquidated during a special operation on January 20 of this year.


   This gang was a fragment of the underground of the long-killed terrorist Doku Umarov, and Aslan Byutukaev himself was the organizer of many terrorist attacks, including the explosion in Domodedovo that killed 37 people.



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