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    • By HorizontalVolute
      I have seen the images from these tests float around the internet for some time but the author of this article seems to be reading from a more extensive document. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the full document?
    • By A_Mysterious_Stranger
      Been delayed with stuff but I've wanted to post this.  Actually I'm surprised I've never seen anything in detail about this before, because it's an interesting topic.  (IF there IS a topic on this I apologize and it can be merged there.)  
      ETC tech is something you probably hear about if you hang out on tank, military or gun forums.  Especially if Railguns or coilguns are mentioned.  Or 'next step' in gun design like 140-152mm guns.  There's lots of information out there if you look and you discover just how diverse it can be.
      I'm sure most people are aware that Wikipedia has a article on ETC tech and as far as Wiki articles go it's decent.  But the person who worked on it in the past also wrote an article on ETC for the Nationstates draft room.  It's old but still good.  So despite the origins it's still useful (the writer was also a member on Tanknet IIRC.  Take that as you will.) 
      In Jane's Technology of Tanks, Ogorkiewicz also commented about ETC:
      Ogorkiewicz also discusses the concept in Tanks: 100 years of evolution:
      One realization from this is ET/ETC technology is quite diverse and can be confusing.  One of the better sources covering that concerned Rheinmetall research into a German 120-140mm (courtesy of Wayback because the original source fell to link rot):
      Link to image of Rheinmetall ETC classifcations
      On the amateur experime which discusses ET/ETC stuff in detail too.   If you prefer the more 'hype' side of things, ETC was also tied to the Future Combat Systems - a link some people may recognize:
      As you can see, ETC is evolutionary  not revolutionary like EM guns.  It takes existing technology and builds on it:  You can settle for improving propellant ignition (minimizing electrical cost) or add electricity to boost performance (up to the 'pure' ETC idea)   You can also utilize the technology on Liquid propellant and possibly even Light Gas guns - it stacks quite nicely with other ideas.  You can even use it with a bigger caliber.  This is part of the ETC charm.
      Further information on ETC stuff can be found here:
      Electro-Thermal Chemical Gun  Technology  Study
      Both of these are articles I like, but there's more stuff:
      Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Technology Weaponization Issues
      Electrothermal-Chemical Gun Systems  Utilizing Novel Electric Solid Propellants
      And of course DTIC is a wealth of ETC stuff:
      (direct pdf links):
      Overview on the  German R&D Programs on ETC  Gun Technologies for Main Battletank  Weaponization
      And some dtic links to ETC stuff that requires download:
      Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Propulsion with High Loading Density Charges.
      Ballistic Analysis of Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Propellant.
      Trade-Offs in Performance Enhancement of Solid-Propellant (SP) Electrothermal-Chemical Guns.
      Sturgeon's House user sevich also posted a link to a useful ETC document off ditc  here
    • By Vicious_CB
      M855A1 in ballistics gel with velocity and pressure


    • By LostCosmonaut
      For discussion of topics related to life originating elsewhere than Earth. Sample topics include findings of organic molecules on various moons and planets, places which could potentially harbor life, and the like.
      I'm going to relink to this paper, since it is one of the best pieces of evidence for non-Earth based life I've yet seen.
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