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I guess Britain (and most of Western Europe) is still dealing with the repercussions of a couple hundred years of inbreeding in the upper class. Nothing a good revolution can’t fix... but that’s kinda hard when you’re completely disarmed. 

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5 hours ago, Pascal said:


Isn't the UK on intentional homicide rate lower than USA? Or the name appeared just because the knife crimes are too much in London?


It's actually pretty hard to compare some of these countries due to the way homicide is recorded. But overall, the UK's homicide rate is lower than the US's, yes. Also the US has wildly disparate crime rates from place to place. So in most places, the homicide rate in the US is no greater and in many cases much less than anywhere else in the developed world. And then there's Baltimore. And Chicago. Etc.

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10 hours ago, Sturgeon said:


It's actually pretty hard to compare some of these countries due to the way homicide is recorded. But overall, the UK's homicide rate is lower than the US's, yes. Also the US has wildly disparate crime rates from place to place. So in most places, the homicide rate in the US is no greater and in many cases much less than anywhere else in the developed world. And then there's Baltimore. And Chicago. Etc.

The US also has far far far far more metropolitan areas than the UK. 


Like you said, outside of those areas the rates are low as shit.

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Things keep getting worse on Knife Crime Island

Brexit has turned me into a prepper

I’d never stockpiled anything in my life, until the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit loomed.




While in the European Union, Britain benefits from more than 750 international treaties, meaning we can trade freely with not just the EU but also more than 40 other countries. It’s like canceling a gym membership: When you are no longer a member, you can no longer use the treadmill. With each passing day it’s more likely that there will be no deal, and the warnings have come thick and fast: we could run out of nurses, bike parts, insulin, fuel, cheese, toilet paper, and body bags.



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, 25 December 2018

Public Health England jumps the shark

It was around this time last year when Public Health England issued its weird advice to cap breakfast at 400 calories and to limit lunch and dinner to 600 calories.

I said at the time...
The idea of having 'limits' for individual meals is entirely new and I suspect that there is an agenda at work here. The 400-600-600 'rule' will allow PHE and its army of scolds to name and shame every restaurant portion, takeaway and ready meal that contains more than the government-approved quantity of calories. Individual meals will be portrayed as hazardous per se and will become targets for advertising bans, taxes and reformulation. A whole Pandora's Box is being quite deliberately opened.

Two weeks ago, an article in the BMJ got wide news coverage when it found that the vast majority of restaurant meals exceed PHE's miserable guidelines. This, too, was politically motivated. The authors noted that ‘policy levers that result in the food industry reducing the number of kilocalories being sold to consumers are needed’ and ‘measures are now needed to “renormalize” the food environment (for example, by downsizing food product portions)’.

The idea of the government controlling the number of calories in meals is so outlandish that few people have taken it seriously, despite PHE explicitly stating that this is what they are working on. They have been busy setting calorie limits for almost every food product available in shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants. The plan was to publish them in the spring but Laura Donnelly at the Telegraph has got hold of them and has leaked them today.

They are astonishing, not only because they are so low but because they are so comically precise. Sandwiches and main meal salads will be capped at 550 calories, ready meals will be capped at 544 calories and main courses in restaurants will be capped at 951 calories. Vol-au-vents or onion bhajis will be capped at 134 calories and salad dressing capped at 145 calories. The spurious precision of these numbers is presumably meant to imply that they have been worked out scientifically. They haven't, of course (why is OK to have a 900 calorie lunch in a restaurant but not OK to have a 600 calorie microwave dinner?). There is no way of working out how much energy a single meal should contain. The concept is ludicrous.

But the detailed proposals have infuriated manufacturers - who say they are far too complex and confusing to be workable. 

No kidding.

These are not legal limits. Not yet. The plan is for the bureaucrats at PHE to 'work with' the food industry to magically remove calories from their products without destroying flavour. PHE have no knowledge to bring to the table so their part in the 'partnership' amounts to setting targets, issuing threats and naming and shaming businesses.

Some of the companies will attempt to play along, mainly by reducing portion sizes, but it is a doomed enterprise. The government initially threatened to use 'other levers', such as advertising restrictions, 'if progress isn't made', but it has already capitulated to the 'public health' lobby on this, so the only thing left is to threaten them with more taxes and mandatory calorie limits. Make no mistake, the industry is being blackmailed.

If mandatory limit are introduced, it will mean an effective prohibition on many of Britain's best loved dishes. Steak and kidney pudding far exceeds the 951 calorie limit for out-of-home food, as does ham, egg and chips, the all day breakfast, fish and chips, and beer and ale pie (based on Wetherspoons' nutritional information). So does a normal Christmas dinner.

As for foreign cuisine, you can kiss goodbye to kebabs, curries, pizzas and Chinese food. But it's a treat, you say! Tough luck. No exceptions.

Public Health England has surely bitten off more than it can chew this time. Chefs, publicans, the food industry and the general public have to come together and tell PHE where to stick their ridiculous calorie caps.

I gave a comment to the Telegraph, saying:
'These demands are worthy of Nero or Caligula. The government needs to bring Public Health England to heel before they ruin the food supply. The calorie caps are arbitrary, unscientific and unrealistic. It is reasonable to offer advice on daily calorie consumption but setting limits on individual meals is insane.' 

Public Health England cannot be reformed. It should be shut down.
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31 minutes ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

I wonder how many calories they got during the Blitz?

According to the BBC it was about 3,000; www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zqftn39


via wikiped:


In December 1939 Elsie Widdowson and Robert McCance of the University of Cambridge tested whether the United Kingdom could survive with only domestic food production if U-boats ended all imports. Using 1938 food production data, they fed themselves and other volunteers one egg, one pound of meat and four ounces of fish a week; one quarter pint (0.14 litre) of milk a day; four ounces of margarine; and unlimited amounts of potatoes, vegetables and wholemeal bread. Two weeks of intensive outdoor exercise simulated the strenuous wartime physical work Britons would likely have to perform. The scientists found that the subjects' health and performance remained very good after three months; the only negative results were the increased time needed for meals to consume the necessary calories from bread and potatoes, and what they described as a "remarkable" increase in flatulence from the large amount of starch in the diet. The scientists also noted that their faeces had increased by 250% in volume.[26]

The results—kept secret until after the war—gave the government confidence that, if necessary, food could be distributed equally to all, including high-value war workers, without causing widespread health problems. Britons' actual wartime diet was never as severe as in the Cambridge study because imports from the United States avoided the U-boats,[26] but rationing improved the health of British people; infant mortality declined and life expectancy rose, excluding deaths caused by hostilities. This was because it ensured that everyone had access to a varied diet with enough vitamins.[25][27]

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Can we just have a 1789-esque French purge of the entire upper class of Britain (with guillotine, and without murderous dictator), and then elect actual human beings who aren’t a bunch of retarded, inbred monkeys? I mean, Jesus H. Christ on an upside-down cross in hell, this has to be the most imbecilic idea I have seen come from knife crime island, even dumber than a having an id to use porn. 

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On 3/5/2019 at 2:46 PM, Donward said:

Knife crime island transitioning to Fap crime island? 




Beginning early next month, X-rated sites like PornHub and YouPorn will be required to obtain birthday information from UK residents before they can view smut by using an online age verification system, or buying a special ID card

A bit off-topic think it will be interesting.Made a steam friend from Russia,play pc games with him sometimes.Surprise surprise he told me that they have same stuff for PornHub.They need to login trough VK(russian facebook) to get access to Pornhub.The worst part is, that the VK is tied to the phone number and the phone number to the passport(You can't get a sim card without showing your passport).Poor guy.

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Knife Crime Island is evolving.






Man jailed after using his dog ‘as a weapon’ to attack cyclists

dog attacking cyclist

A man from Oxford, U.K., who launched a vicious ‘campaign’ against city centre cyclists, letting his canine sink his teeth into a number of riders, has been jailed.



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All knives stolen from Avon and Somerset Police knife amnesty bin

By Amy Cole  @GazetteAmyReporter
CONCERN: One of the knife amnesty bins

CONCERN: One of the knife amnesty bins

     0 comment

POLICE are investigating after a knife amnesty bin was ransacked - and all the knives stolen.

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      If we can assume the BFR is a success, then we have roughly 150 ton of payload to work with per spaceship. The first spaceship would contain a satellite to survey colonization spot. Everything would be robotic at first. Several robots capable of building a LZ for future ships,  mining of the lunar surface for making solar panels for energy production, then mining and refinement for fuel for future expeditions. The lunar colony would be based underground, room and pillar mining would be used to cheaply create room that is also shielded from radiation and surface hazards. Copying the mighty tech priest, a second ship would come with people and more equipment. With this more large scale mining and ore refinement would be started. Eventually beginning to manufacturing their own goods. Routinely BFRs would supply the colony with special equipment like electronics, special minerals and advanced equipment and food until the agricultural sector can support the colony.  The colony would start to export Helium 3 and rocket fuel, as well as spacecraft parts and scientific materials. Eventually becoming self sustaining, it would stop importing food and equipment, manufacturing it all themselves to save costs. 
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       More on aluminum rocket fuel here:
      Believe it or not, but calcium is actually a excellent conductor, about 12% better than copper. So why do we not use it on earth? Because it has a tendency to spontaneously combust in the atmosphere. In a vacuum however, this does not pose a problem. I does however need to be coated in a material so it does not deteriorate. This makes it suited for "outdoor" products and compact electrical systems like electric motors. Yes, a calcium electric motor.  
      Lastly, a few articles about colonizing the moon:
      NASA article about production of solar panels on the moon:
      Map over the south pole:
      Feel free to spam the thread with news regarding colonization. 
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