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    • By Toxn
      Part 6 of a multi-part series.

      Some kind of goofy mutant and an America-mobile.

      A duck and a ferret.


      Ratel 20.

      Eland 90, aka the Noddy car.

      Eland 60, sans 60mm mortar.

      Crazypants Italian armoured car. I honestly have no idea which end is the front and which end is the back.

      Granddaddy armoured car.

      Our first attempt at a locally-made armoured car. This is where we caught the wheeled death trap bug.

      Attempt the second. The Boys anti-tank rifle is missing.

      Attempt the third. The Brits had finally gotten tired of the 2 pounder, so of course we snapped them up and stuck them into our wheeled death traps.

      Attempt 4. Now we're really getting into it. I think that that's a 6-pounder, but I could be wrong.

      The G6. This is what happens if you let us work on the same thing for too long. Eventually you end up with a house-sized monster armed with a howitzer.
    • By Toxn
      Part 5 of a multi-part series. This one's got the goods.

      Sherman and firefly.

      Early crusader.

      Early Valentine. The British really went through a phase where they slapped 2 pounders onto everything.



      Holy ghost.

      Comet, aka Hipster Centurion.

      Centurion, aka The entire History of South African tanks post-WW2.

      T-shirt cannon Churchill.

      Combat engineers get no respect.

      This thing is tiny and has an insane steering system.

      Somehow this thing is even smaller. Those twin barrels are for a flamethrower of some sort, because the Italians were world-class optimists.
    • By Toxn
      Part 4 in an ongoing series.

      Entrance cannons are a universal theme for museums. Lord knows why.

      German AT guns get their own niche. Dear god but the '88 is huge.


      I wasn't joking when I said that the area between the two Halls is packed with artillery.

      Misc naval guns.

      Remember that time when the Germans inexplicably re-bored a Russian field gun and used it as a much more powerful antitank gun? This one also has authentic battle damage!

      Misc park area guns.


      Italy can into AT guns.
    • By Toxn
      Part 3 in a multi-part series.

      Anglo-zulu era

      Boer war era.

      Assegais and throwing spears.

      African and Indian weapons jumbled together.

      African daggers and knives.

      San arrows.

      WW1. The ballistic vest on the top left actually caught one in combat.

      Percussion brown bess!

      This has been C&Rsenal - South Africa edition.

      This has been Forgotten Weapons - South Africa edition.

      A bunch of kids here were excited to see the 'sniper guns' and talked about how far they could shoot.

      Italian stuff. The cadet rifle and the swishy thing are the most interesting to me.
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