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*Damian on suicide watch*


The latest patent from Rheinmetall - published exactly two weeks ago  

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The Bundestag finally unlock the funds for the design studies of the MGCS.


About damn time :/


Seriously the Bundestag is a major hindrance on every single military project.

That the deputies have a right to look at what the federal government is doing military wise is normal and healthy.

But that they systematically obstruct pretty much everything based on petty regional interests at the detriment of the whole (be it their country or the EU at large)...


Anyway see you in two years (hopefully) for the technology demonstrators.

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Germany and France sign MGCS framework agreement.


According to this article two of the five phases of the project have been completed already.

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2 hours ago, Gun Ready said:

Has anybody any news on MGCS or EMBT???

It is sooo silent with this two project! Do they still exist or are they dead?



EMBT nothing, and we probably won't hear anything else about it, the market for second-hand and/or upgraded Leopard 2 is still going strong and the EMBT makes little sense from an economical standpoint.

Ultimately it was just a project to show that Nexter and KMW were playing nice together, but Rheinmetal has created big waves by saying that they intend to take control of KMW and by extension of the MGCS program (which the French side was not exactly happy with).


On the MGCS the last new I saw was mid october to say that 200 millions € would be engaged in 2021 to produce 14 Main Technological demonstrator (basically technological bricks) that are to be ready by 2025 for integration in the different platforms of the MGCS.




On parallel the preliminary design studies are still going on should run for 18 months (they started around may 2020).

The goal is to finish the demonstration phase by 2025 and to have a demonstrator for the complete system between 2024 and 2027.





Following who's doing what and within which time frame is a bit of a headache on this program (at least for me), but as I understand it right now they are focusing on developing the various technological bricks that'll be integrated in the system while the two government try to sort out a list of common requirements for the system. Then once we have a working prototype you'll have the  politicians and industrials of the two country bickering between each others to see who gets to produce what.


Don't expect to see a prototype before 2025.

At best we'll get a list of requirements, some infos on the various technological bricks and maybe some design concepts in the meantime.

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Forces Operations did IMO a very interesting article about MGCS, the French and German MOD, Leopard 2 and the user nations Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway, how to approach UK and Italy for MGCS and KNDS efforts in Poland with EMBT. 




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Some artist models on the French vision for the MGCS :


Three different versions:


  • Canon which shows a large caliber coax which seem to have en independent elevation (so back to the AMX-30)
  • C² : Command and Control which seem to have a 40mm
  • Missile: Same autocanon as a secondary than the canon version, 6 missiles ready and no RCWS




Found on a video from DGA: https://scorpion-future.fr/


Not much change from previous drawings:

On 5/29/2020 at 11:44 AM, David Moyes said:



  • First, a visual synthesizing the French vision of the program
  • Manned & autonomous “system of systems”, panoply of means of fire, collaborative combat, etc. (+ camo similar to #Scorpion)
  • To be agreed with Rheinmetall, supporter of a single system concept
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    • By SH_MM
      Found a few higher resolution photographs from the recent North Korean military parade. We didn't have a topic for BEST KOREAN armored fighting vehicles, so here it is.
      New main battle tank, Abrams-Armata clone based on Ch'ŏnma turret design (welded, box-shaped turret) and Sŏn'gun hull design (i.e. centerline driver's position). The bolts of the armor on the hull front is finally visible given the increased resolution. It might not be ERA given the lack of lines inbetween. Maybe is a NERA module akin to the MEXAS hull add-on armor for the Leopard 2A5?
      Other details include an APS with four radar panels (the side-mounted radar panels look a lot different - and a lot more real - than the ones mounted at the turret corners) and twelve countermeasures in four banks (two banks à three launchers each at the turret front, two banks à three launchers on the left and right side of the turret). Thermal imagers for gunner and commander, meteorological mast, two laser warning receivers, 115 mm smoothbore gun without thermal sleeve but with muzze reference system, 30 mm grenade launcher on the turret, six smoke grenade dischargers (three at each turret rear corner)

      IMO the layout of the roof-mounted ERA is really odd. Either the armor array covering the left turret cheek is significantly thinner than the armor on the right turret cheek or the roof-mounted ERA overlaps with the armor.

      The first ERA/armor element of the skirt is connected by hinges and can probably swivel to allow better access to the track. There is a cut-out in the slat armor for the engine exhaust. Also note the actual turret ring - very small diameter compared to the outer dimensions of the turret.
      Stryker MGS copy with D-30 field gun clone and mid engine:

      Note there are four crew hatches. Driver (on the left front of the vehicle), commander (on the right front of the vehicle, seat is placed a bit further back), gunner (left side of the gun's overhead mount, next to the gunner's sight) and unknown crew member (right side of gun's overhead mount with 30 mm automatic grenade launcher mounted at the hatch). The vehicle also has a thermal imager and laser rangefinder (gunner's sight is identical to the new tank), but no independent optic for the commander. It also has the same meteorological mast and laser warner receivers as the new MBT.
      What is the purpose of the fourth crew member? He cannot realistically load the gun...
      The vehicle has a small trim vane for swimming, the side armor is made of very thin spaced steel that is bend on multiple spots, so it clearly is not ceramic armor as fitted to the actual Stryker.

      The tank destroyer variant of the same Stryker MGS copy fitted with a Bulsae-3 ATGM launcher.

      Note that there is again a third hatch with 30 mm automatic grenade launcher behind the commander's position. Laser warning receivers and trime vane are again stand-out features. The sighting complex for the Bulsae-3 ATGMs is different with a large circular optic (fitted with cover) probably being a thermal imager and two smaller lenses visible on the very right (as seen from the vehicle's point of view) probably containing a day sight and parts of the guidance system.

      Non line-of-sight ATGM carrier based on the 6x6 local variant of the BTR, again fitted with laser warning receivers and a trim vane. There are only two hatches and two windows, but there is a three men crew inside.
      There are a lot more photos here, but most of them are infantry of missile system (MLRS' and ICBMs).
    • By Walter_Sobchak
      I realized that we don't actually have a thread about the British Chieftain tank.  
      I posted a bunch of Chieftain related stuff on my site today for anyone who is interested.  The items include:
      Magazine Articles
      1970 article from ARMOR
      1970 article from IDR  - Chieftain-Main Battle tank for the 1970s
      1976 article from IDR - The Combat-Improved Chieftain – First Impressions
      1976 article from IDR - Improved Chieftain for Iran
      Government reports
      WO 194-495 Assessment of Weapon System in Chieftain
      WO 341-108 Automotive Branch Report on Chieftain Modifications
      DEFE 15-1183 – L11 Brochure 
      WO 194-463 – Demonstration of Chieftain Gun 
      WO 194-1323 – Feasibility study on Burlington Chieftain
    • By Walter_Sobchak
      Bundeswehr Weasel and British Light tank Mark IV

    • By Belesarius
      30mm with airburst capability, and supposedly better mine protection than a Leo 2.

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