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Syria shaving razor armour, how does it work.


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So, an outer layer of 'razors' that look like flimsy steel meant to deform before penetration.


A backing layer of cast 'something' in a box.  Perhaps its concrete, or a rubber/pebble mix.  


This could just be some type of externally applied bulging plates armour.

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To be perfectly honest, it looks like improvised material hastily attached to the tank to give the crews more confidence.  I didn't see any reason to think that there was anything particularly clever or scientific about the design.  It was just an attempt to put something; anything into the path of incoming threats and thicken the armor up a bit more, the same as tank crews have been doing since at least the 1940s.

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    • By Militarysta
      Sorry, is here somebody from https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/ ?
      I like this blog but whit some statsment hard to agree -but Im not pretend to have absosolut knowledge so I just wanto to discus some thesis about the soviet armour put there.
      For example this:
      No, it's not.
      Kvartz in T-72A and T-72M1 turrets pretend to be not solid, sand, or liquid but somethink known as sintered quartz. And it's definetly not put AFTER casting but before.
      Firstly  sintered quartz ( quartz sinter) is formed - but whit 3 thick reinforcing bars  -then both "kvartz insert" are put to cast form and mounted there by this reinforcing bars  -then cast is formed and after taking whole turret those bars are just cut above turret roof line. And thats all.
      It's look like this (sory for my amateur draw)

      After very havey shelling sometimes this reinforcing bars are "jumping" above roof line -like in Meppen T-72M1 or other hit many times whit penetration in to "kvartz special armour". :

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      So I dug this up again (the images having now gone the way of the dodo) and it struck me that it might be useful to have a place to gather as much good information on historical armour testing as we can in one place.
    • By Collimatrix
      "Special armor?"

      It's all fucking NERA.
      Some models of T-72 had it.
      Merk IV's have it.
      Abramses have it.
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