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US Politics Thread: Year 2 of 1000 of the TrumpenReich

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Here's the thing, most conservatives I know are ardent anti-racists and have been their whole life. Judging others as individuals is a core part of their morality since they were young, imparted to th

Finally,  a Trump proposal I can support.

I am saying that.  If the Democrats want to remain competitive, they need to dig out decades worth of Chicago machine apparatchiks and Clinton lackeys and send them to the salt mines.  If the Republic

O'Rourke’s strategy: Show Americans the real Beto



It’s a new strategy: Connect with voters by providing minute-to-minute glimpses of daily life, and show authenticity in the process.


O'Rourke has taken his supporters along with him to a trip to the dentist for a routine clearning, shared diary-like entries about his life and talked of being in a “funk” after leaving his job as a Texas congressman.


In previous posts, O’Rourke documented his solo cross-country road trip. 

He ate blueberry cobbler at a stop along Route 66, and asked a waitress what he should see in Tucumcari, N.M. 






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2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

To me, it seems resonable to provide a path to citizenship for the Dreamers.


As long as it's enforced and not used as a loophole to stuff the country with illegals for political or economic gain, then I agree.


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

We also need a workable program for migrant workers to come to the US and do the jobs most Americans don't want to do.


I don't think so. A better idea would be to curtail or even end the practice of funding the vampiric college system.


Of course I think workers of all types should have a pathway to the US that is much more navigable than it is now, but treating immigrants as a labor force strikes me as too volatile a policy to support.


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

From the statistics I have seen, illegal immigration is at an all time low compared to it's peak in the 1990's.


Much to the chagrin of the DNC leadership, if true.


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

While illegal immigration in that period was characterized by single males looking for work, we currently are seeing an uptick in entire families travelling to the border, many from Honduras.  Perhaps the US should do something to help stabilize Honduras, although that sort of thing is always easier said than done.


I'd trade intervention in the Middle East for a renewed Monroe Doctrine in a heartbeat, but weren't you one of the guys who complained about Trump pulling the troops out of Syria? Or was that just Bele? Honest question. Anyway, way I see it we have interests all over, and we must pick and choose where we intervene. Unbridled military activity around the globe is not financially sustainable.


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

These are somewhat separate issues from border security, which deals not just with people, but with drugs and criminal activity.  As I understand it, most illegal drugs and illegal immigrants come into the country via legal means, not through the deserts of the American Southwest.


The issue is that rogue Mexican Army units in the pay of the Cartels can come over the border and kill Americans, dude.





About any other country in the world would be at war with Mexico right now. You can stare at statistics (whether right or wrong) all you want, but don't close your eyes to this shit.


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

It seems to me that investments in technology and tools, better training for border agents and fencing in appropriate areas is a better solution than a monolithic wall stretching from sea to shining sea.  I am particularly opposed to the seizure of private lands through emminent domain to make room for the wall. 


I thought Trump's wall was actually a fence. Eminent domain is a sticky issue as it's necessary for some security programs (yes, like the Wall, but also the Interstate Highway System) yet at the same time it's easily abused. I share your concern about it.


But basically, you support a wall (or fence, whatever terms you prefer), you just don't support The Wall. Why do you think that is?


2 hours ago, Walter_Sobchak said:

As to the voting issue, I take claims that massive numbers of illegal immigrants vote with a grain of salt.  It seems to be an article of faith among conservatives, and yet Trump's own commission on voter fraud failed to provide much compelling evidence.  That an illegal immigrant would risk exposing their status for the sake of voting seems a bit unlikely to me. That said, I do not believe that Democrats are not above a bit of electoral shenanigans.  Kennedy won Chicago in 1960 with the help of many a dead voter.  


Auditing voter rolls is all well and good, assuming it's done in a fair and impartial manner.  Voter data should be in the hands of impartial, non partisan regulators.  This way we could help alleviate conservatives fears of non-citizens voting as well as liberal's fears of voter purges being used to target African American voters.  Same goes for drawing districts.  We need to end partisan gerrymandering.  


Then we agree that the country should aggressively tackle voter fraud of any kind.


At the end of the day, I want a country that works. The US doesn't work. Democrats are evil, and the Republicans don't have the spine to fight them (also they are evil too). I know not what kind of creature Trump is, but at least he's a vertebrate, and hates the Democrats.

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Based Lindsey Graham 2.0 is back




And the Dems keeping it classy.


Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), another member of the panel, said maybe Graham should “investigate Benghazi some more too” — an apparent reference to a years-long House probe that Democrats considered a political stunt.



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Do eeeet!!!

How Bloomberg plans to create his own lane in 2020

‘Bloomberg’s kind of money buys a lot of loyalty — or at least silence. 




White. Male. Old. A Wall Street billionaire.

At first glance, Michael Bloomberg would seem to have zero appeal in a Democratic Party where progressive populism is on the rise and activists and elites say it’s time for a woman or a person of color to win the White House




No successful presidential campaign has ever been anchored to those issues. But the politics surrounding climate change and gun control have changed dramatically in recent years, and nowhere more than in the Democratic Party.





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7 hours ago, Meplat said:


That article was really, just shit.  Some semifunctional moron was paid to write that drivel.


Please tell me you posted it as a joke.

Well, yes.  After Bele posted something about Trump and "beautiful", I just googled the two words and posted whatever article showed up.  Anyhow, Trump does like to call things beautiful.

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When at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what Hillary Clinton's machine did in 2016, eventually getting the FBI to bite on an uncorroborated narrative that Donald Trump and Russia were trying to hijack the presidential election.

Between July and October 2016, Clinton-connected lawyers, emissaries and apologists made more than a half-dozen overtures to U.S. officials, each tapping a political connection to get suspect evidence into FBI counterintelligence agents' hands, according to internal documents and testimonies I reviewed and interviews I conducted.

In each situation, the overture was uninvited. And as the election drew closer, the point of contact moved higher up the FBI chain.

It was, as one of my own FBI sources called it, a "classic case of information saturation" designed to inject political opposition research into a counterintelligence machinery that should have suspected a political dirty trick was underway.


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So this guy claims to have a copy of Chief Baby Boomer Banging Drum Loudly's military DD 214 showing that he wasn't a Vietnam War veteran and was in fact a refrigerator mechanic in the Corp, never leaving stateside and who was discharged after 4 years at the rank of private with three AWOLs.










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17 hours ago, Donward said:

So this guy claims to have a copy of Chief Baby Boomer Banging Drum Loudly's military DD 214 showing that he wasn't a Vietnam War veteran and was in fact a refrigerator mechanic in the Corp, never leaving stateside and who was discharged after 4 years at the rank of private with three AWOLs.










If Don Shipley has it, it's probably legit.


Also, the lack of response by folks calling for those kid's heads has been "as expected".

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7 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I reckon they're angling for another tax-cut (or summat).  ;)



You can't imagine that the good people at Forbes would say something nice about someone else unless they thought they could get something out of it?

Well... you're probably right about that.


With every passing day, I am more and more surprised that Trump has somehow figured out how to control the Republicans in congress.  I would expect them to be the first point of weakness in any sort of standoff like this shutdown.  Presumably he is employing blocking detachments in order to keep them from retreating.

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7 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

Presumably he is employing blocking detachments in order to keep them from retreating.

Further evidence (if one accepts the ridiculous proposition that more is needed) that the Red side of American politics are carefully disguised Stalinists conducting a deep infiltration Maskirovka as part of the first echelon of forces under Tukhachevsky's theory of deep operations. 

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