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This thread is dedicated to the knowledge you have acquired, and how it has enhanced your inner life.


For example, studying evolution and population genetics has done approximately nothing to increase my employability. But the understanding I've gained has been invaluable in positioning my life and works within the grand sweep of the universe. 


Knowing in your heart that you are a minute spec in an infinite, uncaring cosmos. Knowing that this body you occupy is in some sense a fleeting vessel for ageless genes, quick to be discarded and renewed. And knowing that life itself represents something like a cosmic rebellion against the great plan of the universe: a little trickle of increasing order in an ocean of unwinding entropy. These are thoughts that can change your perspective about life; its successes, failures, goals, ends, means, triumphs and tragedies.


Please share with us what you have learned about beauty, and what you have felt about truth.

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There is a certain amount of beauty and truth when you find that your buddy has written a story about the Federal Government spending $5 million in order to dissuade hipsters from smoking.




The federal government spent millions of dollars in recent years to discourage tobacco use among hipsters through a program that recommends “styling your sweet mustache” and listening to music “no one else has heard of” as good alternatives to smoke breaks.






Ling has concluded that hipsters need something more than scary health warnings to keep them from lighting up.

“Saying ‘Smoking is bad for you’ isn’t relevant to them,” she said in a 2010 article on the UCSF Web site. “But they do care about self expression and social justice.”

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