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Restricted: for Operating Thetan Eyes Only By order of Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII The Dianetic People’s Republic of California Anno Domini 2250

Comrades! The time of your waiting is over! I introduce to you the Sierra Nevada VagonZavod AFV-50 Gun Tank   Frontal Dimensions Frontal Armor Turret Cheek Armor Array (n

Report from Lt. Col. [REDACTED] People's Auditory Forces Directorate of Political-Moral Reliability, Auditory and Political Officer for SNVZ and Military-Industry Liaison Officer for RFP "New Battle T

On 5/22/2019 at 6:05 PM, N-L-M said:

Well, now's as good a time as any for the great announcement:













And any others I may have missed:

The time of submission is approaching, and the DPRC is getting ready to evaluate your designs!

Detailed submission guidelines will be posted soon in a dedicated thread.

The date of submission is in 3 weeks from the time of posting, Tuesday the 11th of June at 23:59 GMT.


Incomplete designs may be submitted as they are and will be judged as seen fit.

Is today still the submission date?

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6 hours ago, A. T. Mahan said:


It's an Armor Piercing, Solid Fuel Ramjet-powered GLATGM with an 850mm long, 50mm diameter molybdenum tool steel penetrator, capable of killing the reference vehicle at ranges in excess of 7,500m. 

Thats... uh... ambitious given the 'USSR 1960s' state of technology. I'd be very interested to see how you pull it off :)

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12 minutes ago, Toxn said:

Thats... uh... ambitious given the 'USSR 1960s' state of technology. I'd be very interested to see how you pull it off :)


The answer is something like three weeks of ANSYS and a lot of research. I would have used a supersonic wind tunnel but they’re phenomenally expensive 

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In further pursuit of open discussion of the development of tracked vehicles, SNVZ is proud to offer the RSD-1 Innovator intermediate range ballistic missile complex, capable of delivering a 425kg warhead to 1,800km with sub-100m CEP, or a heavier warhead to shorter ranges. 


Also, the tracks have gone missing. If anyone sees them, please return them.



Below is an image of the 15Zh6 Innovator ballistic missile, which should deconstruct notions of masculinity and phallic imagery via its role defending the peace-loving matriarchal society of the DPRC, and deliver rapid reeducation through either chemical, high explosive, or special warheads in under 30 minutes, with a response time of approximately five minutes from receiving a launch order to firing, from the transit mode at a pre-prepared firing position. 


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Yeah so for the record the final submission date got pushed back AT LEAST a week due to the forum fuckery that lost us almost two weeks' worth of site activity. It's not a big deal, but something for our competitors to know.


I will probably submit just a gun, and not a tank to go along with it.

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  • N-L-M unfeatured this topic

Are Mg alloys AMX602 or ZAXE 1711 available for use? Or maybe WE43B and Elecktron 21 (EV31A)? I'm thinking about using some Mg to lighten my vehicle. 








Elektron 21 + WE43: 


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@N-L-M another minor question: when the armour requirements talk about x degrees off centreline, my understanding is that they're not talking about the total envelope. So 90' off centreline is an attack directly perpendicular the side rather than an attack coming in at 45'.


Is this correct?

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46 minutes ago, Toxn said:

@N-L-M another minor question: when the armour requirements talk about x degrees off centreline, my understanding is that they're not talking about the total envelope. So 90' off centreline is an attack directly perpendicular the side rather than an attack coming in at 45'.


Is this correct?

Yes. Off the centerline = measured from the centerline = arc is in total double this angle.

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oops, inspired by DP 27, M 789 HEDP, OBUS G and the glorious 2S7, Kal corp offers a 12 round, 240mm HEAT autocannon.

(also capable of lobbing a Kleshchevina derivative:  Nuclear shell, if needed.


standard shell, M789 but at 240mm dia, so at 1.5x that 360mm penetration plus blast effects

enhanced ported shell Obus G but at 240mm, so at 3.5x thats 840mm penetration plus blast effects

mercury float HEAT shell, single charge at 5x, thats 1200mm penetration plus blast effects

mercury float HEAT shell, dual charge at 5x, thats 800mm precursor + main 1200mm penetration, less blast effects


each round is accurate to 3,000 metres, substantially superior to peers.  (tradeoff, penetration for increased accuracy)


barrel is mildly rifled, ala M230 LF & AMX 30's gun


unfortunately, each shell is just a tad over 100kg, so must be reloaded at depot via crane.  so despite onboard storage being plentiful, official capacity is limited.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Beer
      I haven't found an appropriate thread where to put some interesting rare stuff related to WW2 development, be it industrial one or makeshift field modifications. 
      Let's start with two things. The first one is a relatively recently found rarity from Swedish archives - a drawing of ČKD/BMM V8H-Sv tank. The drawing and a letter was found by WoT enthusiasts in Swedish archives in 2014 (the original announcement and the drawing source is here). The drawing is from a message dated 8th September 1941. One of the reasons why this drawing was not known before may be that the Czech archives were partially destroyed by floods in 2002. Anyway it is an export modification of the V-8-H tank accepted into Czechoslovak service as ST vz.39 but never produced due to the cancelation of all orders after Münich 1938 (for the same reason negotiations about licence production in Britain failed). Also later attempt to sell the tank to Romania failed due to BMM being fully busy with Wehrmacht priority orders. The negotiations with Sweden about licence production of V8H-Sv lasted till 1942, at least in May 1942 Swedish commission was present in Prague for negotiations. The tank differed compared to the base ST vz.39 in thicker armor with different front hull shape (armor 60 mm @ 30° on the hull front and also 60 mm on the turret; all sides were 40 mm thick). The tank was heavier (20 tons) and had the LT vz.38 style suspension with probably even larger wheels. The engine was still the same Praga NR V8 (240-250 Hp per source). The armament was unchanged with 47 mm Škoda A11 gun and two vz.37 HMG. The commander's cupola was of the simple small rotating type similar to those used on AH-IV-Sv tankettes. It is known that the Swedes officially asked to arm the tank with 75 mm gun, replace the engine with Volvo V12 and adding third HMG to the back of the turret. In the end the Swedes decided to prefer their own Strv/m42. 

      Source of the drawing
      The second is makeshift field modification found on Balkans. It appears Ustasha forces (and possibly some SS anti-partizan units) used several Italian M15/42 medium tanks with turrets from Pz.38(t). There are several photos of such hybrids but little more is known. On one photo it is possible to see Ustasha registration number U.O. 139.

      Few more photos of such hybrid.
      It appears that the source of all those photos to be found on the internet is this book, Armoured units of the Axis forces in southeastern Europe in WW2 by Dinko Predoevic. 
    • By SuperComrade
      I was recently looking at the Japanese wikipedia page for the Chi-Ha tank, and it had this section on the name of the tank:

      I have never heard of such nomenclature, and obviously I don't have access to such documents since I don't live in Japan. There is no reference for this part, so can anyone confirm that they actually did use "MTK" etc.?
    • By Monochromelody
      70 years ago, January the 2nd, 1951. To the North of Seoul, in the mountains and hills near Go-yang-tong(高阳洞), British 1RUR dug in and fought against advancing PVA forces. 1RUR got a task force called Cooperforce to support, this is a tank unit from Royal Tank Regiment and Royal Artillery, equipped with Cromwell tanks. 
      When Matthrew Ridgeway assigned the order of withdraw in this afternoon, the US force covering British force's left flank quickly escaped from their sector, leaving the British were completed unawared and uncovered. 
      When the night falls, was cold and dark in the valley. 1RUR had to withdraw in the darkness. All of a sudden, a US spotter aircraft flew over the valley, drop some illumination flares upon the retreating convoy. 
      Fierce battle broke out when flares fall down, PVA firing from all directions, the cold valley became deadly kill zone. Some PVA soldiers put away their rifles, assaulting with hand grenades, satchel charges and Bangalore torpedoes. They even set up mortars on the hill, laying shells with direct fire. 
      200 British soldiers and artillerymen were killed or captured in one night. 1RUR's Battalion Commander Tony Blake was believed KIA. Cooperforce was completely knocked out, all 12 tanks were destroyed or captured by light infantry. Leader Ashley Cooper were also killed. 

    • By Toxn
      This is the competition entry thread.
      Please submit your complete entries here (all entries will be judged complete when judging begins in the first week of November) and keep the other competition thread for discussion and chatter.
      Once judging is complete I will make a post here to discuss the entries and announce a winner.
      Best of luck!
      Update: final submissions should be in hand by the 22nd of November 2020.

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