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    • By Collimatrix
      I've noticed a lot of ballistics FEA simulations popping up on Youtube lately.  A result of the ever-dropping price of number-crunching power?  Who knows.

      I cannot, of course, vouch for the accuracy of these simulations.  They sure are pretty to look at though.
    • By Sturgeon
      Everything Scott says about the modern misuse of smartphones, I agree with. His conclusion that therefore one shouldn't own one, I don't.

      Yes, smartphone plans are pretty usurious. So is rent, fast food prices, car payments, and a host of other things that we nonetheless put up with. If you are intelligent, you will find people you trust and work well with (such as a family, if yours hasn't been blasted out of existence by Progress), control yourself when considering the options, and end up with something that will much less negatively affect your monthly bottom line.

      If you don't feel you need what a smartphone offers, great! Buy the $10 pre-paid phone. I disagree, though, that one can't get important work done on a smartphone. It's tiny, doesn't work well, is distracting, has the worst interface imaginable, but it does physically connect you to the internet, just like your old pocket computer, Scott, and you can even read the Iliad on it (though my eyes shrivel and dry at the thought of doing so; I'd rather use my $40 Nook e-reader, which I still insist should be called an "e-book"). In my case, I need to be able to connect to the Internet wherever, and I also need a decent camera, but not a great one.

      What I agree with, if perhaps he means this instead, is that smartphones aren't essential for modern living. That's obvious.
    • By Belesarius
      So my Galaxy S II which I got used a couple of years back is about to give up and die.
      I'm looking for input on what the best value for $ is.  Was wondering if anyone around SH had any strong opinions on which handsets are the best value for money. Will probably end up spending $2-300 at the end of  the month.
    • By FaustianQ
      AMD's recently release of the 300 series cards indicates that AMD is a downward spiral that it's unlikely to recover from. Discuss the eventual 2016-17 issue of no effective competition even GPU side and the affect on technological progression.
      The dystopia is real.
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