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Like all truly great lefty intellibabble, there are a few gems hidden among the dross and verbiage.


Capitalism, for instance, is a system that can only function on difference. Once we have built our tech base to as far as we can currently take it (see: decelerando), how is international capitalism supposed to work? Opening up the solar system is one of the few ways left. Hence, any drive to open up the solar system should be resisted by dedicated communists so long as capitalism exists.

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I think there would be far more useful ways to push for communism than that (and more immediate for that matter). I feel like that sort of thinking is what happens when you confuse a socioeconomic system that (hopefully) gets people working towards certain ends with the ends themselves. Communism, capitalism and all the rest aren't moral principles, they're mechanisms and organizational structures that have effects that can be judged from a moral standpoint but are not actually moral or immoral without the context of their effects.


There are a great many lovely things to be said for the justice beloved of libertarians and the equality espoused by communists for example, but they must be considered in the context of where they are implemented and the results. Justice that in one society could protect a functional balance of power and distribution of wealth where nobody suffers could support entrenched wealth and ensure underinvestment in people and the squandering of their potential just as equality which could guarantee a happy productive society that protects from poverty and class-based anger could be an unworkable foreign imposition that leads to an eventual collapse in another society.


I think that the cart's pulling the horse there.

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I think you managed to take this way more seriously than either the writer of I did.


Plus, I don't see libertarians as being over-fond of justice as a concept. 


It's the best word I could map to the whole taxation is theft and night watchman state concept but yeah it's not right. It's the essential defense of the law as a thing with everything else on a personal basis, where the only thing the state is defend property rights, enforce contracts and ensure personal freedoms.

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