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The terrible movies and reviews thread


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No. The issue is that the Academy Awards is insistent in nominating and rewarding movies that no one watches and no one will ever watch after they've received the award. Spotlight will never be a memorable movie. Five or ten years from now no one will remember that the movie even existed. Hell, can you even remember last year's winner?


It was something called Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)   


Seriously, who makes this stuff?


While I'll agree that The Revanent, The Martian and Mad Max: It'sReallyNotMaxButTheFeralKidFromRoadWarrior Fury Road aren't "great" films in the entire scope of 88 years of these awards being given, it's clearly obvious that they are better than something that is literally a rehashed Dateline episode since the three of them are original and fairly unique stories. More important, all three of those films will be watched five, ten and twenty years down the road and they'll be syndicated and aired on cable and TV networks. 


I've been joking for years now that the Academy Awards should be given a format like the Baseball or Football Hall of Fame where you have to wait five years to be nominated. And if none of the movies from that particular year are good enough for an Academy Award, you don't give it to them. 


That would liven up the Oscars and add excitement. Read out the nominees for each category. Tell them that none of them are good enough for the award. Then retroactively award it to a movie that came out fifty years ago.

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Time Bandits was a pretty good flick and overcomes the curse of most non-Monty Python directed Terry Gilliam movies being absolute shit, despite his insistence that all of the sets and costumes in his films being made to look like they were designed by an addled Mardi Gras parade choreographer. 

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