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Nagorno Karabakh conflict

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Short summary of that analysis.      Azerbaijan army conducting attack of Nagorniy Karabakh from 2 directions - Southern and Northern. Main attack is happening against city of Martakert (Nor

Massive fighting started along most of the Nagorno Karabakh border. The situation looks very serious as both Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia declared martial law and started general mobilisation.   

3rd pic show wheel that Mi-8s doesn't have. According to what i saw, those photos are from 2013, Russian AN-2 crash. That wheel looks like is a rear wheel of AN-2.

1 hour ago, Beer said:


I think that this video may be repost of one from like two weeks ago. I am not sure though. 

   That easily can be true, number of videos from UAVs is becoming big enough that i could miss some of them.


   Meanwhile, looks like Azeri troops are trying to get into Shushi


   Representative of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Artsrun Ovanisyan gave an interview to the Public TV Channel of Armenia - the main thing:

🔹 The saboteurs are trying to put the flag of Azerbaijan in Shushi and photograph it.

🔹 We found the flag of Azerbaijan among all the killed Azerbaijani soldiers without exception.

🔹 Ovanisyan did not rule out the possibility that some enemy saboteur will be able to photograph the Azerbaijani flag against the background of the Shushi fortress.

🔹Aliyev's statements about the assault on Shushi have nothing to do with reality.



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44 minutes ago, Beer said:

WarGonzo got into several firefights and retreated under fire together with an Armenian unit evacuating wounded in the process.


   Pegov sometimes manage to put together words into sentences that don't make sense. Anyway, possible geolocation of place where most of video takes place is right next to Shushi, village to east of that position (south of Shushi) is probably under Azeri control.


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2 minutes ago, Beer said:


To be honest I understand very little Russian, so I miss a lot of what is being said. 

   He was speaking about terrorist sabotage team being surrounded and trying to break through the encirclement by attacking Armenian forces, and according to other thing he said it appears that group tried to breakthrough by pushing into direction of bulk of Armenian forces ("they are trying to attack in any direction,/.../ including in ours"). Yeah, totally surrounded. 

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6 minutes ago, Gauntlet said:


Source: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/11/05/nagorno-karabakh-briefing-nov-5-a71883


What i meant is, what is Iran planning to do? Also take in some land from the NKR? Help Azerbaijan?

   You are thinking in directly opposite direction of what Iran is doing. They have every reason to not go into this conflict, as it may blow up inside of Iran as ethnical problems.

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This footage from yesterday shows NKR troops firing from outskirts towards the center of the town, i.e. it's confirmed at least that Azeris managed to get in the town. What is the siuation now it's hard to tell but Azeri side didn't bring any footage of them being in the town. By the way close miss of the NKR tank by some Azeri munition in the video. 


Allegedly Stepanakert inhibants fleeing the city. 



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Something from NKR side. They have posted a lot of footage of Azeri looses in the last few days. Much more than it was common in the weeks before. It has likely a lot to do with bad weather limiting Azeri air superiority. 


Bayraktar TB2 shot down. 


Another poor An-2 shot down...


Three Azeri BMP-2 destroyed in Berdzor direction.


A video from few days back from Lachin showing destroyed large number of Azeri armor including one or two T-72, three BMP-2 (two posted before), several MRAPs and and other unidentified vehicles (one likely truck, the rest hard to say) and a lot of bodies of Azeri soldiers.  


Two Azeri BTR-82A destroyed. 


Allegedly two Elbrus missiles launched by Armenia today. 


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