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Nagorno Karabakh conflict

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Short summary of that analysis.      Azerbaijan army conducting attack of Nagorniy Karabakh from 2 directions - Southern and Northern. Main attack is happening against city of Martakert (Nor

Massive fighting started along most of the Nagorno Karabakh border. The situation looks very serious as both Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia declared martial law and started general mobilisation.   

3rd pic show wheel that Mi-8s doesn't have. According to what i saw, those photos are from 2013, Russian AN-2 crash. That wheel looks like is a rear wheel of AN-2.


   Look at this, claims that current military leadership of Armenia were selling weapons to Turkey and Turkish proxies in Syria.



   David Galstyan, pseudonym (Patron David), a civilian accompanied by the Minister of Defense of Armenia, head of the General Staff of Artsakh and chairman of the Security Council of Artsakh AO in the Headquarters of Artsakh. What is this, a sightseeing tour?


and bunch of screenshots of documents of arms deals.



   Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan and his “brothers in arms” - Deputy Defense Minister Makar Ghambaryan and longtime friend of the minister, arms dealer David Galstyan (Patron David), widely known in certain circles, were selling weapons to Turkey for pro-Turkish terrorists in Syria. We will tell you more about these and other alleged criminal deals later.


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Kotsnews, [14.11.20 22:37]

   ️Ex-head of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan and the commander of the Ashot Yerkat volunteer detachment Ashot Minasyan were detained as part of the case on the preparation of Pashinyan's murder.


   During the searches as part of the investigation in the apartments of the suspects and other buildings, 3 Kalashnikov machine guns - PK, one Kalashnikov light machine gun - RPK, 2 anti-tank grenade launchers with optical sights, three machine guns, 14 rifles with optical sights, 9 boxes of 5.45 mm rounds, 5 boxes of cartridges of 7.62 mm caliber., 233 cartridges of the same caliber, 11 capsules, 8 electric fuses, 1 grenade fuse, 13 mechanical fuses, 1 wick, 2 "RGD" grenades, 3 hand grenade fuses, 1 grenade " F-1 ", 1 anti-tank grenade body, 1 TNT cube with a homemade metal frame, 1 electric detonator and other ammunition and weapons.


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   Armenian civilians continue to leave houses in regions that are going to be transfered to Azerbaijan in next few hours, and burning their homes.






Azeri soldiers broke a cross on a church, apes with machineguns. Like watching an ISIS video with endless repeating of ALLAKH AKBAR. The only thing is missing is ATGM launch sounds, heh.

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Armenian Military Portal, [15.11.20 01:36]

   As promised, the details about corruption in the Armenian Defense Ministry.

   Theleaked documents into network revealing an international criminal fraud of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia on a large scale. In particular, an agreement between the Armenian Defense Minister and a dummy private person David Galstyan (Patron David) on the creation of an offshore company "Mosston Engineering", according to which the offshore company borrows $ 3.5 million from the Ministry of Defense. Further, a document was also published giving the offshore company exclusive rights to purchase military equipment and ammunition on behalf of the Armenian Defense Ministry. This private figurehead is on the international wanted list, criminal cases have been opened against him, in some countries he has been declared persona non grata, in particular in Russia, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates and in other countries.

   In Armenia, it is financed and closely cooperates with the Ministry of Defense and even shows up in videos with high-ranking generals. This offshore company was engaged in money laundering acquiring faulty and decommissioned equipment from the former post-Soviet countries and not only in those countries, at a price like new. So in recent years, faulty Osa air defense systems of the 60s were purchased from Jordan for $ 27 million and the M55 AA guns from the 50s. For $ 3 million, decommissioned Soviet shells were purchased from Kazakhstan. The list can be continued for a long time.

   The corruption scheme worked and all requests to the Ministry of Defense demanding clarifications regarding the acquisition of inexpedient ammunition at an exorbitant price received one answer that all purchases of the Ministry of Defense were state secret.


   There is also evidence that a dummy private person of the Ministry of Defense worked closely with the Turkish security forces. The network got documents confirming that the offshore company Mosston Engineering acquired from Kazakhstan 10 million cartridges for the AK and transferred them to the territory of Turkey. As you know, Turkey is a NATO member and does not use AK, so everything comes down to the fact that the cartridges were intended for pro-Turkish militants in Syria, who use these ammunition not only against Assad's government troops, but also against Russian troops in Syria.

   The list of purchased shells for military equipment that is not in service with the Armenian army can be listed for a very long time. The Armenian Defense Ministry has become a huge money laundering factory and a staging post for the supply of ammunition to Turkish terrorists. All this illegal activity of the Ministry of Defense under the leadership of David Tonoyan is naturally known to the special services of all states, which could give a helping hand to Armenia during the war, but did not. But they did not do this for the most part precisely for the above reasons. Do not blame Georgia, Israel, Ukraine and Belarus for not wanting to cooperate with the Armenian Defense Ministry. Reputation is more important for them, because whoever wants to cooperate with the Armenian Defense Ministry will be drawn into a corruption swamp.

   If, after the appearance of these documents, the National Security Service of Armenia does not launch an investigation to clarify these circumstances with the ensuing consequences for the perpetrators, this will only mean that the Armenian government, headed by Pashinyan, is also involved in these corruption schemes.

   Please distribute

   Interesting claims. Feels realistic, for most part.

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48 minutes ago, LoooSeR said:

   Aliev with wife visited Khudaferin bridges in captured areas near Iranian border.



   Iranian border stared back through PSO-1 optical sight



  Hide contents



What a wonderfull world where people post on the internet pictures of another country's president being seen through their sniper scope... 

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Footage emerged from Agdam after Azeri forces took it yesterday per the armistice conditions. The town is basically all flattened. As far as I understand that is not a result of current war but of the summer 1993 battle after which it was never rebuilt (this town was part of Azerbaijan territory not of Nagorno Karabakh and its population of 50 thousand was all Azeri at that time). 


Azeri crocodiles in action. 


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   Apperently this video shows NKR or Armenian Osa SAM launching 2 missiles during war, both failed and hit the ground not far from TELAR. This is Saudi-level shitshow. Taking into account a scandal about broken Osa SAMs purchase few years ago, this could be one of several reasons why NKR AA was not able to keep enemy air forces away from anything.


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