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Nagorno Karabakh conflict

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Short summary of that analysis.      Azerbaijan army conducting attack of Nagorniy Karabakh from 2 directions - Southern and Northern. Main attack is happening against city of Martakert (Nor

Massive fighting started along most of the Nagorno Karabakh border. The situation looks very serious as both Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia declared martial law and started general mobilisation.   

3rd pic show wheel that Mi-8s doesn't have. According to what i saw, those photos are from 2013, Russian AN-2 crash. That wheel looks like is a rear wheel of AN-2.

4 hours ago, Gauntlet said:

Will all these videos it looks like Armenian is getting steam rolled by a bunch of inexpensive drones.

The amount of combat footage a lot.

   I wouldn't call them "inexpensive". Also, they are getting steam rolled by Army, not by drones. Videos from drones have good PR value, thats why we see them. Artillery, MRLS, AFVs, recon groups in mountains and so on are used a lot as well.

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   Those are new captured villages


The Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan liberated the following settlements:


   Zangelan region
1. The village of Minjivan
2.the village of Hurama
3.Humarli village
4.Saril village
5.the village of Babaili
6.Uchunju village
7.the village of Agaly
8.Gajalli village
9.Gyrakh Myushlan village
10.the village of Udgun
11.the village of Turabad
12.the village of Icheri Myushlan
13.the village of Malikli
14.Jahangirbeyli village
15.the village of Baharly


   Fizulinsky district
2.the village of Ashagi Seyidakhmedli
3.the village of Zargar


   Dzhebrail district
1.the village of Belend
2.Papi village
3.the village of Thulus
4.the village of Hajili
5.Tinley village


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   MRAP Matador, which hit mines last night, were promptly delivered to Baku and sent to the manufacturer, where, after repair work, these armored vehicles will be restored and sent back to the front.


   Note that MRAP Matador showed themselves only from their best side in battle! Not a single person inside the armored vehicle was injured, having received only minor scratches.


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- Ilham Aliyev stated that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces took control of 13 villages around Karabakh;

- the head of Karabakh Arayik Harutyunyan wrote a letter to Putin and asked him to do everything possible to end hostilities;

- two drones of the Armenian Armed Forces were destroyed by Azerbaijani air defense units, two more were landed on the ground, reports the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan;

- hostilities are taking place in the eastern direction of the contact line, a representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry said;

- The General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan reported an increase in the number of wounded citizens to 298. 63 civilians were killed;

- The enemy's armed forces are shelling the city of Martakert, the State Service for Emergency Situations of Karabakh reported. There are no casualties among the civilian population;

- Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry denies reports of Armenia about shelling of settlements in Karabakh


   And more strikes


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