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    • By Alex C.
      Over the years I just kind of learned to accept the AK for what it is. Cheap garbage intended to be issued to conscripts and nothing more.
      But then my tastes changed, I asked for forgiveness, admitted I was wrong, and I kind of went off the deep end.
      I've even scored a rare, 7.62x39 Finnish RK62 in proper FDF pattern. About 200 were imported before they realized that in the 60s there was no 7.62x39 anywhere for purchase so... way to go Valmet!
      Anyways this is going to be more or less a photo journal showing the minor and major differences between various Kalashnikovs. I realize this is information many of you know already but some of the measurements even surprised me.
      So I'll kick it off with a proper Type 3 AK47 vs. an AKM. So the quintessential AK47 vs. what everyone incorrectly thinks is the quintessential AK47. Top is a 1970 Russian kit build, bottom is a Polytech Legend (100% factory made straight out of factory number 386).

      The Type 3 here is a little lighter than a Russian Type 3 because chu wood is famously light. It also dents if you look at it funny.

      AKM Lighter:

      And just some receiver photos:



      Also that lovely triangle that lets you know you overpaid, as well as the Y stamp that lets you know you really overpaid. For the uninformed, Russian kits are a no-no, and foreign "military barrels" were banned in 2005. I bought this gun mostly because of the Russian parts (especially the barrel):

      So the Type 3 Doesn't have a bayonet lug. It clamps onto the muzzle nut. The AKM's bayonet slides on easily. You have the be pretty deliberate to throw the pig sticker on your T3:




      Also I never realized how heavy slabsides are. Holy Jesus:


      Also one of the best bits. The AKM's stock is much more inline with the barrel making them a shit ton easier to control (not all AKM's had a slant brake, I believe this was a change made in 67 or 68):

      Type 3 pistol grip fat and with shit texture. AKM grip textured well and slimmer:

    • By Sturgeon
      Who doesn't like improvised weapons? Now there is a thread for them! From garage-built SMGs to a newspaper folded over a rock and wrapped in tape:

    • By Belesarius
      so we don't pollute the WoTism thread too much, I figured there are enough of us playing this to have a thread about it. 
      Ok Tekky and Colli, teach us how to abuse the game.
    • By LoooSeR
      During time i watch for news from Syria/Iraq, i saw plenty of crazy, interesting or funny DIY/homemade weapons that IMO deserved separate topic. 
      Syrian 220 mm MLRS on pick-up chassis.

      Truck with AA gun inside 

      Hell cannons (Syria):





      Radicals also made a SPG with those hell cannons using unusual chassis...



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